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b do not abide by the rules of the Internet will be the goose that lays the golden eggs b amp| time: 16 October 2012 8:17} source: People’s daily Author: Yu Jianbin editor: Yang Dong amp| amp| p if the Internet without rules

b do not abide by the rules of the Internet will be the goose that lays the golden eggs b amp; time: 16 October 2012 8:17] [source: People’s daily] [Author: Yu Jianbin] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; p if the Internet without rules, competition on the Internet do not follow the rules, it is inevitable that exploit, will continue to consume the innovative spirit and strength of China’s Internet, damage the interests of users and the Internet development, recently, Tencent v. 360 security tools buckle bodyguard alleged unfair competition case, the higher people’s court in Guangdong Province, the economic loss of 125000000 yuan. This is a year ago and the aftermath of the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA 360 World War II Tencent. A month ago, is Baidu and 360 search for the fight, but also on the Internet and a saliva battle, but also caused by the two sides of the secret technology, is still a stalemate. China’s Internet is good toss has been well known to users, on the microblogging watching the fun, but also can only wait for chat, security and search and
other tools to resume normal. Internet companies have a consensus on the competition bet
ween each other, both want to occupy the Internet portal, to draw the user traffic, and ultimately win the market share of the dispute. And this kind of competition, if it is okay to comply with the rules of healthy competition, but if it is in disregard of the rules, in breaking the rules in courageously reached, often directly hurt is the user interest, collateral damage is the credibility of the enterprise itself, and ultimately hurt
will be the innovation of the Chinese Internet. Internet development for Hot E Cig kits decades, in China for more than ten years, there is a golden period of development, but also a bubble period, but the rapid development of the
Internet, the number of Internet users continues to grow, the rapid development of network applications, are showing their innovative vitality. And in this process, the Disposable e cigarette Internet industry’s technical rules and even moral rules, is the Internet companies can dare to innovate, to protect the bottom line and the firewall and firewall, it can be said E-CIG CHINA that the Internet is accompanied by a variety of industry rules or agreements to develop and grow. In the
field of Internet law is not perfect, intellectual property protection system has not yet fully landed, the rules as the industry consensus, the industry contract between enterprises, has not been violated, each of the companies want to develop through innovation should also be maintained. Internet industry rules are often closely related to the protection of privacy and security. In the case of Baidu and 360 search, for example, it involves the search E-CIGARETTE CHINA engine industry rules Robots protocol is required to comply with. The principle of search engine is through a crawler program, automatically collect information on the Internet and access to the internet. For protection of network security and privacy considerations, each site will set up their own Robots protocol, to express search engines, which content Mechanical Mod and RDA is willing and allowed to search engines, which will not allow. Search engines will be in accordance with the Robots protocol to give their own authority to grab. Therefore, the Robots protocol is the internet;

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