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b Hou Mengsha Commando 2 into army brigade goddess not love makeup love armed b amp| time: 2012 October 11 13:17} source: Xinhua entertainment Author: editor: Yang Dong amp| amp| p by frontline troupe of Nanjing military region jointly Jiangsu television co production

b Hou Mengsha Commando 2 into army brigade goddess not love makeup love armed b amp; time: 2012 October 11 13:17] [source: Xinhua entertainment] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; p by frontline troupe of Nanjing military region jointly Jiangsu television co production, Ji Daoqing as production director, Liu Meng, writer and directed I am commando swords unsheathed recently in Jiangsu TV prime time hit. The play the recent ratings ranked national TV at the same time first, and video website hits also broke the 2.5 billion, the degree of hot is no less than that of the first I am special forces to bring the audience and the industry shock. And in the drama played female tangxinyi Hou Mengsha also therefore popularity rose, in the play played female sniper, she more delicate and vivid acting by users of praise for a new generation of military goddess. Hou Mengsha the most valiant and heroic in bearing. Wu Jing and I are really really hit p as the sword unsheathing
female number one, Hou Mengsha played tangxinyi early appeara
nce attracted the audience’s eyes, a short play camouflage, handheld sniper rifle, is valiant, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA capable of full, attracted a group of private see straight in the eye. But tangxinyi and not a specious appearance of vase, the beauty of the instructors in the professional can be described as a resolute, dignity is dye in the wood. Not only in the special forces training of students demanding, is more often in military
exercises to expose the professional soldiers, dashing. She is known as the E-CIG CHINA beauty sniper in character
and style of acting more like a boy, vigorous and resolute, chic capable, can be described as do not love makeup love arms typical. talked about the role, Hou Mengsha said, Tang Xinyi is a very high professional women soldiers. She is very strong, in her view is the male soldiers can do, I must do. So, whether in peacetime training or on the battlefield, she did not take himself as a woman, Hot E Cig kits very seriously and strictly to the requirements of their own. Her action scenes are also very much, in order to better reflect her professional skill, I deliberately went to the practice of Sanda and close
quarters combat. For example, there is a drama is I and Wujing in Taekwondo showdown, because my elder has E-CIGARETTE CHINA a habit of practicing taekwondo, so take this scene, Wujing and I are also Disposable e cigarette personally go into battle, the pairs person is undiluted really beat. Hou Mengsha exquisite acting touched hearts director Liu Meng: I have been the best female officer p play, Hou Mengsha the handsome and dashing female image much audience from, and even the majority of male viewers called a new generation of the goddess of army. Netizen camouflage control message said, more and more like the sword unsheathing Hou Mengsha play tangxinyi, straightforward character work capable of Mechanical Mod and RDA beauty of the instructors, apply instructor’s script in the story: who married her life for sure.

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