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Beibei is xiudou peach experimental school guidance communication photo strong [20141111 23:59:53

Beibei is xiudou peach experimental school guidance communication photo strong [20141111 23:59:53, strong Chinese chess international grandmaster Zhao Guorong to 11 July 7 afternoon, Chinese chess grandmaster, Heilongjiang chess courtyard dean Zhao Guorong came to Nanning day peach experimental school Dong Ge campus, 20 teachers and students to the school with the guidance of chess. 2014 in Nanning, China ASEAN International Chess Tournament start guest Zhao Guorong day morning to attend the tournament the kickoff ceremony, afternoon nonstop arrived in peach experimental school. The arrival of the international grade masters was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of the whole school. Chinese chess is one of the school’s school based curriculum, the Chinese chess movement in the school to flourish. According to the vice president of the University of Ma Yunqing, school teaching and administrative staff are very fond of playing chess, the student is in Guangxi Chess Association training school, Sheng school Qifeng. Therefore, Guangxi Chess Association put pilot school as a Chinese chess into the campus, until March 2010, the school officially put Chinese chess column for the schoolbased curriculum. p and Zhao Guoron
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 Black Whiteg Master Chess 20 representatives of teachers and students have certain chess age, participated in Nanning peer competition, and achieved good results. Battle to 17:30 also not the outcome, because of the time, a dozen twenty chelunzhan can only suspend. The end of the event, Yang Kaiqi third class 4 is still just aftertaste board: start feeling okay, local I was wrong gambit is the underdogs, because no time this game is finished, but in general I is at a disadvantage. Today, it’s a great honor to be able to communicate with the master. Yang Kaiqi told reporters that he is nearly 7 years old began to play chess, the original is his own, the 12 year old to be officially began to learn chess, Nanning city youth tournament has won several times. This year, he learned very nervous, but in order to make time for playing chess, Yang Kaiqi learned the scientific management time, improve learning efficiency, in his opinion, not only did not affect the learning, but to promote learning performance. The master to visit the school guidance, let Yang Kaiqi set up the growth target, confident that the future also to become a chess master. p the school physical education teachers Yu Danong said learn chess children can sit live, chess can foster the child to abide by the rules, independent thinking, especially toward winning mentality, can let the child with a common heart to treat failure. These are very helpful to students’ learning and life. This year in the exam, the school has an examination of 6 A girl, is to learn to go. According to Yu teacher introduced in the past five years, the school year to carry out a student chess tournament. Every year the selection of outstanding students in Nanning City, the students chess game, and for preseason training, each team received good results. More than teachers in hopes of chess into the activities of the campus can get more attention, after some master to the school guidance activities, can let students shortrange

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