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Beibei is xiudou] strong watercolor master Jiang Zhenli regime watercolor art exhibition Nanning first exhibition photo strong [20141219 21:45:35

Beibei is xiudou] strong watercolor master Jiang Zhenli regime watercolor art exhibition Nanning first exhibition photo strong [20141219 21:45:35, 12 on September 19 in the afternoon, the hydrological amp; middot; Jiang Zhenli watercolor art exhibition and China International watercolor high research class European painting exhibition in Nanning Sun Plaza of Dongbo flourishing art museum ushered in the first exhibition, the exhibition shows Jiang Zhenli and personal works of Chinese watercolor painting research class painting works, works on display include: Jiang Zhenli works the Daming mountains the bells Mechanical Mod and RDA of Lijiang Hongfan Mission Hill braving and research class teachers and students Liu Shoushan the mountains in the distance, Xu Chuanke the Louvre in the morning and 170 Pieces of representative masterpiece. Exhibition cycle
will continue until January 15th next year, to E-CIGARETTE CHINA meet the needs of watercolor enthusiasts to observe and learn and social needs of the collection of works of art. held a brief press conference before launch. Meeting, the first professor Dean Huang Chaocheng Arts School of Guangxi Arts Institute, Guangxi EASTPO flourishing art museum, chairman of Xie Yingxian Mr. speec
hes. President Huang introduced the status of the artistic achievements of Guangxi water color master Jiang Zhenli and Guangxi watercolor art community in the country. Chairman Xie to the art exhibition and 31, and the upcoming China International watercolor research class European painting exhibition made the simple introduction, and announced the Nanning EASTPO flourishing art museum will be
located in Guangxi Disposable e cigarette Watercolor Painting Exhibition Center, to support the Guangxi watercolor art. Finally, the teacher
told us to talk about water color painting, and the scene of the painting to show the unique charm of watercolor art. p has become a watercolor master Jiang Zhenli teacher didn’t start out as a watercolor painting, the 74 year old Jiang teacher in 1960 in Guangxi Arts Institute Fine Arts Department, under the tutelage of teacher you Yang Taiyang, 1964 graduated in Guangxi Arts Institute oil painting undergraduate, a coincidental, Chiang’s old division found watercolor unique charm, watercolor by flowing water light and bright, fresh and cheerful, and has other kinds of painting no nobility of spirit and elegant, so I began to to watercolor painting, painting for more than fifty years, thirty years of attention watercolor painting. Jiang teacher felt watercolor painting has a good development prospect, not only
their own earns for watercolor painting to contribute, organizations also often watercolor research classes sketch, research class many works have been selected for E-CIG CHINA many national art exhibition, in the painting world influential. Miss Jiang long served as the China watercolor series ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA editor, editor, the National Exhibition of Hot E Cig kits watercolor judges. p teacher Jiang believes that the beauty of mountains and rivers in Guangxi, the Guangxi landscape revealed by natural strong spirit of calligraphy and painting, has long raised a large number of watercolor art creators and fans, EASTPO flourishing art museum of the Guangxi watercolor provide display platform, and the establishment of the Guangxi Watercolor Painting Exhibition Center, will further promote the development of cultural undertakings in Guangxi watercolor painting. My teacher has taught me to do

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