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blood DC. Cut the red eyes of the people waving a knife to cut Wu Fantou

Original title: foreign cowboy knife act violently Luotian now the best police block knife elder brother "(see photo) police
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Carmelo Anthony Shoes the hospital accept treatment of Jingchu net news (reporter Chao Zhen Zhang Ju Hong Liu) on April 1 in the afternoon, discount lebron james website and Macheng Luotian County at the junction of the Daqi Zhen Luan Shi Ke Cun Wan caused violence against gambling cases. Luotian police 2 people injured, 3 Crazy "messenger" was arrested, seized machetes 4 dagger 3. Site control ginseng 5 employees, seized 6 cars, 6 motorcycles. Hidden in the depths of the forest "tents" casino on April 1, 15 when 30 minutes, Luotian County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public report said, Luotian County Daqi Zhen Luan Shi Ke Cun a Gulf, hope police quickly to crack down on gambling. After the alarm, Luotian County Public Security Bureau immediately organized police brigade, traffic police brigade police. 16:30, deputy commander of the security brigade bin, motorized brigade instructor Li Jun led more than 20 police, auxiliary police rushed to the scene. After plainclothes police investigation makeup found casinos reported in a bay, surrounded by trees, intermediate a flat land, can accommodate dozens of tents. The tent is covered with bamboo, forming a natural barrier, the casino and only a lack of one meter wide leads, in the cas
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Skyblue Yellowino and a few people’s "sentinel"". In order to effectively control the scene, the sun and Li Jun decided to put the staff in two ways, all the way
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men from the mountain to the casino, all the way from the field path directly to the casino. Suddenly a knife attack in support of his teammates and 2 people were injured when the police found in the anshao bypass is near the mountain tent. Suddenly a scene of a mess, the head of the escape. 6 gambler Huangbuzelu, driving a motorcycle fled, to stop another group of police from the path of the field. Li Jun LED police produce a police certificate, shouted: "the police, please check." Six people are forced to stop to accept the inspection, after appropriate Lijun line inspection, driving a motorcycle fast driving 3 2 sets of, 3 people see the police to check, throw off the motorcycle satuijiupao. Li Jun quickly ordered the police to i like air jordan shoes men catch up, they continue to inventory. As he prepared to control gambling related personnel, suddenly felt a severe pain in his left shoulder, back a look found behind don’t know when three armed with machetes, young man, a man waving double cutting yourself. At this time, then the auxiliary police Wu Fan strode rushed in, his left hand in a machete. See the people, to give up attacking Lijun, brandished a knife and to WuFan slash, the hands, arms, wrists, hands seriously injured, on the spot, blood DC. Cut the red eyes of the people waving a knife to cut Wu Fantou, at this discount kids air jordan shoes critical moment, the i like lebron james 2016 security brigade Deputy captain Sun Bin arrived on time. He was not anxious thought, stretched out his i love cheap jordans wholesale left hand, WuFan blocking the fatal knife, while the right hand throw in a telescopic batons and injured WuFan with knife wielding man captured. The sun’s left hand was cut open, four fingers were injured. And then chase a CANDU personnel maneuver brigade Deputy captain Liu Wenming hear people use knife attack, immediately fired warning shots, shouted: "the police, immediately put down the knife!" And the other 2 knife i love jordan nubuck men wielding criminals did not put down the knife

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