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br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; on August 28 in the evening, in the fourth quarter of the Chinese sound to start the second tutor assessment, four toward the patriarch Naing battle hardened, overwhelmed by the LED and upgrade the Golden P2 class 12 students after a brutal fight, ultimately won the team semifinals Langa Ram, Changyu, Sun Boguan, Zhang Lei into a fierce battle for the next stage. Among them, with a lyric south caused hot folk singer Zhang once again to break through the brilliant performance of the self to the fans to bring the very profound impression. With Zhang Lei in China good sound stage all the way pass playoffs, strong soaring popularity, he recently sang the folk song the fairy mountain moon also jumped aboard the peak of the QQ music list? Folk ranking list of the four, get many audience’s favor and appreciation, and the fairy mountain of the moon, cover versions of various kinds and square dance songs, piracy CRBT springing up like emerge, and with hurricane force rapid sweeping Chinese music circle. When the streets are in the Sung version of Zhang Lei fairy hill from the moon, people can not help but exclaim, Zhang Lei self cover burst fire the folk songs of the South after, just two weeks time and s
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Knit AAA White Black Reding red the fairy mountain of the moon, this is the first feature of folk masterpiece, the interpretation of skill and by attention heat is extraordinary. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; folk singer Zhang Lei’s voice with the story and painting texture, as in the four seasons Chinese sound Naing assessment team dream mentor Li Jian said, Zhang Lei’s voice is a story. It contains rich feelings, like that film, emotion, color, let a person cannot help each sentence to listen carefully, a picture of each want to capture, as to the station still don’t want to stop. At the same time, Zhang Lei vigorous deep voice with obvious sense of the vicissitudes of life, after years of sharpening real soul talk the natural and sincere expression. For the fairy mountain of the moon, the first thought and art both and the dissemination of a vicissitudes of life and sense of the story the characteristics of folk songs, production and distribution of star alien music group from a large number of outstanding domestic singer essence of life to carry fine anthology final interpretation of Zhang Lei’s coming, the hand is Zhang Lei, a unique sound and tone color value is rich enough, on the other hand is amazed by Zhang Lei voice contains the story picture of sense and vicissitudes of life. In the fairy mountain of the moon, Zhang Lei with him that cotton texture unique voice Xu Xu exhibition exposed the first Southern Pastoral quiet, warmth, love, clear, poetry, travel, home Picture sense, story feeling, time sense shuttle among them, not from the heart to take a love to sit at the stars of the yearning! Actively cooperate with the rock music of Zhang Lei’s excavation and Zhang Lei in really exist opportunity, also is mutual efforts and mutual recognition of the inevitable choice, and the fairy mountain of the moon, and Zhang Lei Zhulianbige really did not live up to the expectations of, song online concern, to at present only a short span of two weeks into the QQ folk music charts top four position and removal of folk song list

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