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br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; in response to the state Internet information office the first network integrity awareness day activities

br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; in response to the state Internet information office the first network integrity awareness day activities, efforts to strengthen the network integrity concept Mechanical Mod and RDA of propaganda, to create an honest, selfdiscipline, trustworthiness, mutual trust and the network environment, guide net to firmly establish the awareness of seven line cyberspace, Guangxi News Network red community launched essay contest theme, called on the majority of users Hot E Cig kits to network integrity with my line as the theme, posting to share view of network integrity, to build a space network integrity offerwords. concerned about the integrity of the network, with the most vivid and simple examples and text to describe the network environment around us, the honesty and letter of the changes. [The essay topic ] ; ; [ ] campaign br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; the market to buy pork have bar bug, Chongzuo Longzhou County in Guangxi woman for iPhone 6 bet streaking, Nanning city Yonghe Bridge collapse, all E-CIGARETTE CHINA kinds o
f rumors information in cyberspace endogenous wind pass temporarily, culminating in the regulatory authority reply is a strike breaking. Honesty means loyalty and honesty; trust means credibility and commitment. E-CIG CHINA In the virtual open environment, network
integrity is an unavoidable problem. Part of the Internet as a component of social space, to build the integrity
of the network culture is essential. We except in daily life tectonics unshakable faith, also want to Internet space wedge into the bones of law, morality and responsibility, so that murmuring
flowing network integrity of the source. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; is not only a kind of network virtual society, public places, the fragmentation of the network lead to some lawless elements, in the form of rumor rumor manufacturing discontent, will be manipulating media play in Disposable e cigarette their own hands underwear, muddy the waters of network public opinion righteousness properties. Regulation network rumors first of all to start from the behavior of Internet users, from the source to stop the lies package as
facts, disinformation behavior will guess the turnover of br amp; ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; rumor maker certainly hateful, not thinking, do not ask the authenticity of rumors forwarding should also condemned. The network integrity, and is closely related to every Internet users, enhance their ability to distinguish between right and wrong, against Internet rumors, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, away from the network dross, the Internet space transfer positive energy.

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