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br amp; nbsp amp; amp; January 19

br amp; nbsp amp; amp; January 19, President Xi Jinping in Riyadh meeting with Islamic Cooperation Organization Secretary General Ayad pointed out that there is a natural and traditional friendly relations between China and Islamic countries, China will always be Islamic state of good friends, good partners and good brothers. January 19th Xinhua natural and traditional friendship between the two countries, like the waters of the Nile, has a long history. Mohamed, the founder of Islam, once said to his disciples, Although learning is far away in China, when it is asked, it is a household name buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online among Chinese Islamic compatriots. On the one hand, it illustrates the importance and respect for Chinese culture, while reflecting the Muslim’s mind to
Cheap Jordan 3 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China absorb foreign culture and create a new culture. It is precisely because of these reasons that many of China’s excellent cultural knowledge spread to the west through the Arabs, to promote the cultural exchanges and communication between the East and west. amp; amp; the Middle East is the birthplace i like air max shoes of the ancient Silk Road, the China Arab Economic and cultural exchanges from 2100 years before Western Envoy Zhang Qian buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online period of the Western i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Han Dynast
Jordan 3 Nubuck MJ3N05y began. Henan Luoyang unearthed Persian gold, reproduction of the Tang Dynasty prosperity. To the Yuan Dynasty, when Muslim moved about two million people, these people constitute the second only to the Mongols second et al, Semu people, initially formed to them
Cheap Jordan Nubuck Men Shoes From China as the main body of the Hui, is now the big family of the Chinese nation is a member of. amp; amp; in the Eastern Han Dynasty, ban Chao led the team starting from the capital city of Luoyang, travel thousands of miles traveled to the western regions until the Persian Gulf, making the silk road continues. amp; amp; existing Arab library, a book written in the 9th century to the early 10th century travel, which is Arabic Literature in the treasure house of the oldest one travels in China and Arab literature in a precious literature the China India travelogue. China and India informative book by
Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 13 Mens Shoes From China ancient Arab merchant Suleiman and Abu set of Ethics amp; middot; Hassan amp; middot; Sirafi according to their own knowledge. Since eighteenth Century, China India knowledge has i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes appeared in a variety of languages. In the 30’s of last century, this book is translated by the father and daughter of Sleiman into Liu Bannong’s journey to the East. amp; amp; in the China India travelogue a book, Abze de had such a description; in AD 870 Islamic in 257, million Arabs Ibn Harb came to the Tang Dynasty capital of Chang’an, and an audience with the Tang Emperor Tang Yizong Li Cui 833873. During the meeting, Tang Yizong took out a group portrait, to Ibn Shihab identify which is the Prophet Muhammad, Ibn Shihab based stick recognized Islam the Quran records of the prophet Moses, riding a donkey prophet MISA and riding a camel of the Prophet Muhammad. Tang was very happy, put forward a series of Islamic beliefs, problems to Ibn Shihab million. Although Tang Yizong in history not what visibility, buy air max shoes online but the understanding of temperament, like Zong emperor of China attaches great importance to the Islamic and the

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