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. But in some parts of Hunan. Recently

Retired comics survey: some grassroots cadres voluntarily retire early, i like lebron james 2016 treatment does not fall. How do you like it? Original title: why busy cadres left early reporter Shuai Suzhou now, the delay in retirement is a hot topic of society. The State Council recently approved the national development and Reform Commission, "the 2016 key work to deepen the economic system reform", this is obviously, the development of the progress of the retirement age program". But in some parts of Hunan. Recently, some is not the age of the "Office of the commission or the leadership of the township, an important member of the team report, superior, in accordance with the local civil servants in 50 years (or above 50 years old) above can
Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men be i like air jordan shoes men relegated to second-line, enjoy higher than on-the-job treatment" policy please, because "leave early", to become a "closed and not return" and "formal" requirements. View the Newsweek survey found, phenomenon, and institutional reform, evolution of the interests, "the official is not easy", incompetence and other factors are closely related, the influence brought about by the building of the contingent of cadres is very subtle. At the age of 50 "leave early" since last year, Hunan Province Shuangfeng County nearly a hundred of Party members
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Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Skyblue Yellowand civil servants submitted voluntary early retirement or resignation for leadership positions. Shuangfeng county Party Committee Organization Department Minister Chen Qun told reporters. In the context of institutional reform, the county in accordance with the relevant provisions, allowing at least 50 years of age, working age of 20 years of Party members and cadres of voluntary early retirement or voluntary early retirement. In Shuangfeng, Hunan County, this arrangement is not a case, some places have been quietly implemented. Yueyang County, also in consultation with the cadres, arrangements for the early comments". Its original intention is to promote the i love cheap jordans wholesale county government over the age of 53 discount lebron james website retired cadres, Deputy Branch of the teng. In addition to wages and benefits, each year to 30 thousand yuan to 20 thousand yuan of funds for compensation, investigation and supervision. But this is only a preliminary plan, the county is still in consultation.". In an open early channel county. As of early March, "top
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men leaders" voluntary early retirement, with an average age of about 55 years old, including County Education Bureau, traffic bureau, Price Bureau, bureau of justice, Archives Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, real estate bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau and other leaders and county Party committee, deputy secretary, county politics and Law Committee Deputy Secretary. According to reports, the local organization department in accordance with the relevant application of the approval process. Those cadres who have been approved to retire in advance can raise wages and measure the specific treatment of the local people’s social sector. Mechanism, pulled out of the "struggle" of the cadres of the Hunan County Organization Department discount kids air jordan shoes said. Treatment seat is designed to digest redundancy, it is helpless. County, township, and county authorities, cancel or merge zhengkeji units 14, few cadres and the people, cannot arrange. Do not take measures to promote youth cadres will become an empty word. In the "early" policy after the introduction of a unit of leadership in response to high temperature, and some people even open the organization department to i love jordan nubuck men quickly go through early retirement procedures, one day do not want to delay. Grassroots cadres at the grassroots sigh, small power, the responsibility of the same time, early retirement, relax. A dry event

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