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case background: 2014 in June

1, case background: 2014 in June, Wuxi Biguiyuan for Wuxi users rigid demand, launched the first 88143 square meters Huxing practical, and to promote their more interactive, more wonderful, personalized experience new concepts of community service, let more Wuxi local user awareness of the project and implemented into the store consumption, Biguiyuan and media together, joint planning and organized the Wuxi Biguiyuan KartRider line the line integrated mobile communication case. Want to spread, in the national real estate sales generally lower in the big environment to achieve the full spread of the garden brand and sales. 2, marketing purposes: 1. new community concept of communication, to help the country garden to enhance the brand image in Wuxi, the promotion of integrated services to promote the integration of new community concept, in the minds of users of interactive community implanted new concept; 2. to promote sales, to achieve real estate sales in the target area, to promote the user to shop and buy. 3, target audience: Wuxi local buyers of the first 2540 years of age for the first
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Black time buyers and the need for housing upgrade users. 4, communication strategy: p online communication drainage: according to the characteristics of the target population, the choice of real estate, decoration, car media delivery related information and user goals cover a wide range, to run the kart online game simulation entity store feeling, stimulate the user curiosity and the participation desire, promote users to shop. p line communication experience: new community open plan as the main body, combined with June 15, father’s day hot, held an open community to meet the users to visit the shop, parentchild interaction zone settings, and run run calorie of Ding car game entity and transfer interaction of the new community service concept, causing users to actively participate. 5, implementation process: 1. media exposure, in real estate, home, automotive and other related media advertising and according to the theme of activities, expand the media to interactive games, parentchild class applications, Wuxi local users, expand the scope of the media, to achieve a comprehensive coverage of the target users; 2. online game into lead user attention: to interactive game KartRider strung line to the line of the entire marketing process, users click on the banner strip into the advertising interface, the random jump to minisite game page, users can online access to interactive games, experience the fun of KartRider, caused by visiting the site of interest;, 3. line of solid drainage: the use of mobile navigation, location and game cash incentives and other measures, the online

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