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central broadcasting network Beijing August 22nd news reporter Zhao Ke intern reporter Yue Sun

central broadcasting network Beijing August 22nd news reporter Zhao Ke
intern reporter Yue Sun, according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that, at present, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers are developing overseas markets, a severe challenge also followed, this is the patent litigation. not long ago, the Japanese patent management company Bridge ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA IP filed a complaint to the United States Court, the request for TCL communications on smart phone patent infringement to make compensation. Bridge IP is the Japanese government department of Mechanical Mod and RDA the fund industry, the establishment of the establishment of the fund industry, the main management of
Japan’s important patent business. p in fact, mobile phone manufacturers encounter patent litigation is commonplace, even the industry giants like apple, Samsung also cannot avoid custom. Moreover, the most like to launch a patent lawsuit against them often do not tear competitors, but rather like the Bridge IP no one is actually an institution. NPE entities nonpracticing, is a company that has a lot of patents but no real products. in the absence of any institution, there are many specialized from other companies, resea
rch institutions or individuals to buy the patent ownership or use rights, and then through the patent litigation to earn huge profits of Professional Company. In 1993, the United States with the word Troll Patent to refer to the generation of these companies, the translation is the patent cockroaches or patent. p Harvard University study showed that from 2001 to E-CIGARETTE CHINA 2011, in the United States by the NPE provided
advertising companies from 11 surge to 336, but at the same time be patent the accusations of the number of enterprises is always kept at 150, visible rogue patent litigation, has exceeded the truly engaged in R amp; D and innovation. China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute of software and Information Services Industry Research Institute An Hui believes that the patent is not worthy of the action of rogue rogue. However, since the media people Zong Ning said, no matter who is the right infringement invasion, losing money, as unalterable principles: p Zong Ning: because the phone is a craft products, industrial, photography, communication, various aspects of technology, maybe what technology is being patented. So he tort others would certainly tell him well, this thing not what to say, people have a patent, you tort is infringement. The founder font as, you do a poster, you use the fangzheng fonts, but you don’t know, find founder you said you infringed, you compensate me how many money, must pay ah, lawsuit you Disposable e cigarette is sure to lose. a smart phone in the end how many patents? No one can give a precise answer. Like sliding unlock, multi touch, rounded rectangle icon, and so on, just these seemingly technical content is very low number of patents, you can let Hot E Cig kits us out of E-CIG CHINA the amazing, but often these
patents, will let apple and Samsung lost a lawsuit. it is understood that if the enterprise wants to obtain the patent protection of a certain country, need to

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