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Chengdu: light shaping entrepreneurs love when you are not sure what to do

Chengdu: light shaping entrepreneurs love when you are not sure what to do, Beijing is a very suitable place. When you have determined to do, is ready to sink the heart to concentrate on work, Chengdu on the apparent advantage. the Shen Lingli Chengdu is a slow city name, but is not represented here entrepreneurs don’t work hard. Instead it allows us to have a better life, at work feel more calm and security. Liu Zhangbo is the Chengdu flowers interactive technology limited liability company founder and CEO, the company launched the mobile application. was originally selected in Chengdu venture, Liu Zhangbo almost didn’t think, because there is his home, very livable. Moreover, he is on the Internet industry, as long as there is a computer and network OK, plus the app store such platform, no matter where the office, can complete the development and product launch. So, in 2009, Liu Zhangbo came back from Canada is a company in Chengdu. 2011 years, the only 10 people in the Chengdu team won the investment. After the Beijing after 7 months of incubation, Liu Zhangbo set the team back to Chengdu. in addition to the flowers of interactive mobile Internet Co such. In recent years, Chengdu game companies have begun to take shape, including investment resources, have gathered effect, seems to be a new entrepreneurial characteristics of chengdu. 2013 year in February, Chengdu Molong Technology Co., the 4 huge recruitment billboard in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport gold advertisement position on the tree. Back to Chengdu? Do monthly revenue of 40000000 online games masterpiece! Molong technology is a net swims company, CEO Xu Yubing said, hope that through this advertisement attract returning IT people during the Spring Festival, the North Canton talents are attracted to come back. Chengdu entrepreneurs adhere to Beijing is an easy to generate ideas collision place, when the uncertain what to do when there is a very suitable place. When you have determined to do things, to the exclusion of outside interference, sink the heart to concentrate on work, the advantages of Chengdu emerged. In Beijing, Liu Zhangbo touched the very many entrepreneurs will go to some business salon, attend some meetings. After returning to Chengdu, he clearly felt Chengdu entrepreneurs do not love each other, everyone just quietly doing their own things. Probably because we are familiar with, know each other in the dry what. But in Chengdu is really difficult to find to do something similar with their peers, you little intersection. Liu Zhangbo said that Chengdu’s entrepreneurs seem to be more specific, Sike spirit stronger, have an idea will insist to do for a long time. He attributed to the temptation of less. After returned to Chengdu, the flowers interactive small days had a very moist. Two years of time, the team was amplified from more than 10 individuals initially to more than 30 people. Hotel amounts to person, and

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