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Chongqing 475 bus happened a wonderful thing: the train station was full of passengers

p 18, Chongqing 475 bus happened a wonderful thing: the train station was full of Mechanical Mod and RDA passengers, a dog are imposing sit on the seat. Passengers who wish to Aunt picked up the dog, the seat to older passengers, aunt but the righteous said herself dog brush card, can take a seat. Facing the passengers accused, aunt even carrying passengers, ignore, has been to the Yangjiaping off and aunt have no other passenger seat. Chongqing business daily dog accounted for, battle is potential, is also the aunt cheeky and selfish. At this time, there is no need to discuss the dog card seat on the right and wrong, because according to the traffic and raising dogs. Dogs are not allowed on the bus. However, the name is awkward and angry, let alone to take the dog out of the aunt to get off, even ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the dog can not get out of the seat. management department, can solve the alarm. Only, the bus is more special, only in the provisions of the site, and each time is very short. This means that, as long as the bus open, as the law enforcement of the police, to take dog seat and theft fighting behavior, in fact, there is no way to immediate interve
ntion. Once the alarm, unshakable aunt would not
get off early to sail with the wind. E-CIG CHINA Even by the police blocked, but also more than an apology. bus once the motor, the formation Disposable e cigarette of a mobile, closed public space, the passenger to the driver of the personal safety, forming a temporary contract. When this small public space order and the surrounding environment, the law enforcement is not the first time to deal with the unexpected situation. Here, the crowded people is
prone to right conflict, even people for a moment of likes and dislikes, even at the expense of the prejudice to the rights of others, this is irrational public life of fertile soil. For people like a dog seat, the cheek will be able to resist the moral condemnation, responsibility is rare. Temporary passengers together, if not at the crucial moment of vital importance, it is difficult to organize themselves to restore order. I think, on the bus can establish a new authority, to maintain the necessary order, that is, the driver of the sacred. A, the E-CIGARETTE CHINA driver controls the steering wheel, his the passions, influence the traffic safety, should not be violated in any form. Many state laws and regulations, a threat to the police and the police to attack the same crime, we can learn from. Two,
the driver has the obligation to carry the passenger’s safety, you need the right to ensure that the obligations to fulfill. Passengers who have a ticket on the train, in fact, has transferred part of the right to the driver, he has been authorized. Three, the driver is not the police and other law enforcement, but when
the wheel is still turning, can act as spontaneous law enforcement officers, bound to bring the dogs on the train. The driver has no authority, only a puppy. Aunt took the bus as their own home living room, which is not adapted to the performance of public life. Since people in Hot E Cig kits public life can not always be rational, then the use of laws and regulations to clarify an authority figure, you can avoid the dog on the way things happen again and again. And this, also for the rational public life pointed out a new way. Zhao Chali

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