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Citation: Kong Lingchen

Citation: Kong Lingchen, directed by Yang Xiaohua, starring Jiao Junyan, surgeon Zhuo Jun guest: the main public movie baby in Nanning shutdown amp; amp; amp; Washington amp; amp; amp; on the morning of February 10, despite it is E-CIG CHINA raining cats and dogs outside, Nanning tomorrow School of multimedia classroom is warm warm. According to Guangxi’s first school for orphans, Nanning City school tomorrow story prototype and the creation of public service film baby don’t cry here held off ceremony. The movie is expected before the Spring Festival in Guangxi preview, in 2012 will be Disposable e cigarette six one children’s day in major theaters nationwide. Film production side announced that 20% of Hot E Cig kits the box office profit contribution to the establishment of tomorrow’s school rescue orphans amp; amp; amp; after more than a year of careful preparation, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA more than a month
of intense shooting, October 2, public film baby don’t cry in Nanning smoothly shutdown. This film is the story of ups an
d downs, copy from rolia. Film is in the background of school tomorrow in the true story and vivid language, tear jerking story, art of refining the way Acura devoted
efforts, bitter staff depicting orphan students in autonomous areas at all levels of the party, government and society from all walks of life who love and care, to disperse the heart shadow, to the mentality of sunny, called for the social from all walks of life and more caring people out of helping hand, care E-CIGARETTE CHINA for orphans, attention of vulnerable groups. creative lineup, a character in school tomorrow br amp; amp; amp; baby don’t cry is done in a group of caring, have a sense of social responsibility of the creative staff under the joint efforts of a public service film. Film
directed by filmmakers Kong Lingchen, he has won the national film Huabiao Award, Golden Rooster Award, and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award. Photography by the strength sent photographer Yang Xiaohua as ever taken of crazy price, Farewell My Concubine film. Young actress Jiao Junyan starred in the female one, she has starred in the teahouse, with my exwife to fall in love, and
more than 20 television drama, just won the twentyeighth flying Award the most popular actress award, starred in the never lost by Mechanical Mod and RDA the long TV series two.

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