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Clarify the P2P net loan platform for the development of a favorable specification of security responsibility Tan Haojun 8 on the morning of 6

Clarify the P2P net loan platform for the development of a favorable specification of security responsibility Tan Haojun 8 on the morning of 6, the supreme law held a news conference in Beijing, the Supreme People’s Court on the trial of the application of the law of civil lending cases of certain issues of law. Clear, network lending platform provider through the web, advertising or other media expressly or have other evidence to prove that it provides a guarantee for the loan, the lender is required to request the network lending platform E-CIG CHINA providers assume security responsibility, the people’s court should support. p that is to say, once the network loan services platform to trick the behavior it will no longer as is currently the case with an armchair, to the identity of the network media, only to ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA enjoy the benefits and do not take risks the. Hot E Cig kits fact, as an important carrier of the network financial services, these years, the network lending service platform has been for a lot of enterprises, individuals to provide financial services, especially small and micro enterprises
and individuals, in the network loan service platform to help, in time to get the relevant financial
services, ease
the contradiction between financial, out of the financial predicament. It is because this service is very popular with businesses and residents, therefore, the relevant platform service agencies are also springing up, since 2013, from the beginning of a few dozen suddenly increased to thousands of. The types and ways of network lending are increasing and changing. is precisely because of the rapid expansion of the network lending service platform, the rapid Disposable e cigarette development, which also brings a lot
of nonstandard behavior and means, in which the as the bait of marketing, has become an important form of network service platform. In such a form, the risk of lending behavior is also increasing, disputes continue to increase. Although the network lending service platform played a role in security, but because there is no relevant laws to do support, it is often difficult to pursue the responsibility of the platform, damage the interests of the loan principal. in fact, a lot of lending behavior, if there is no network lending service platform to guarantee the bait, it may not happen. Because, the borrower will make a loan behavior, very serious, very carefully, very cautious, it is because there are network loan service Mechanical Mod and RDA platform to do security, will not hesitate to do not hesitate to give loans, and ultimately make their own interests suffer. Internet banking as a new network service platform, with the enterprise and residents of the network of financial services awareness is increasingly high, to participate in the network of financial services businesses and residents also more and more, the development of Internet banking is also growing rapidly. However, due to the relevant
legal system and regulatory system and so did not keep up with, therefore, there are many problems that should not appear, resulting in a lot of the risk of not. For example, the Internet payment management approach is being sought, although the amount of control E-CIGARETTE CHINA has caused the company and consumer dissatisfaction, but from the point of view of network security, but it seems very difficult not to take more stringent measures. Also because of this, the supreme law determines the network loan service platform to

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