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Classification of the special effect of the heat operation of the road p just do the catering will have such confusion: in the daily bustling crowd

Classification of the special effect of the heat Hot E Cig kits operation of the road p just do the catering will have such confusion: in the daily bustling crowd, which one is my prospective customers? The same customer, in his ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA choice of dining, why he chose this one instead of which one? What is the standard? How can we make the customer often visit the shop? the world catering is divided into two kinds, one is to make money, the other is not to make money. Make Disposable e cigarette a restaurant that, look for their own customers, only their own business, in addition, no way. Do not make money in the catering, do all the business, not to hate all customer business dragged into their own food. Catering to make money to their customers as catering master, master mind, itch in master, master’s troubles, as a servant, catering know clearly, catering to follow master temper, dedication, master to run things. To save money, to save. The face, to give. The upper grade, on the. What E-CIG CHINA is the relationship between master and servant? Is the relationship between fish and water, interdependence, to pull together in times of trouble. Do not make money too food do not know their own advantages in there, don’t know oneself should
serve for who, like an ugly daughterinlaw, left no stone unturned in tweaking do state coquettish, still change not the slightest sympathy and favor. For example, a snack bar, but Mechanical Mod and RDA the main varieties of large banquet arranged for the north and south. Spicy hot bean curd also do not understand, began to mind the dishes, looking at the banquet; again, for example, a fivestar hotel, in order to change the restaurant at noon stalls chilly scenes, launched 5 yuan,
10 yuan business package, damage its brand image is also quite contented. the concept of decision behavior, what kind of idea what kind of action. At present, there is still a considerable part of the marketing management of catering to stay in a simple or low price promotion means. Catering if the lack of proper marketing concept as a guide, it is difficult to obtain victory in the fierce competition in the market. To do a good job in food and beverage marketing, you must grasp the three key E-CIGARETTE CHINA points of marketing ideas. , select the right target market food and beverage is not likely to occupy and meet each customer base, for example: we simply will source market
is divided into B, C, A, respectively, on behalf of high, medium and low three grades of customers, assuming this dining is to receive B file source capacity of the dining, which means that the hardware and services are full of tourists demand. What if
we receive the A file source? Due to the high grade of the A file source to the situation of the food and beverage, they are expected to serve higher. In this case,
the food is difficult to meet their needs, they need to pay extra attention to them, and catering reception capacity, hardware standards, service content and the requirements of the A file source is not possible to match, for various reasons A file will appear not satisfied with the situation. Dining if the reception C file source and what will happen? Because the C file source is sensitive to price, they are also difficult to be met, but also undermine the B file itself tourist satisfaction, destroy the meal

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