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Data from the relevant government agencies

Data from the relevant government agencies, the current domestic small and medium enterprises accounted for 99% of the total number of enterprises, the creation of the final product and service value of about 60% of GDP, to provide 80% of urban jobs, small and medium enterprises with its flexible operation mechanism and market adaptability to become an important force to promote China’s economic and social development. To this end, the national Twelfth Five Year development plan, focusing on promoting the development of small and medium enterprises spirit. br in the past five years, government departments, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other efforts to promote the implementation of national informatization of small and medium sized enterprises to promote the project, hope through information technology, improve the environment of production and management of small and mediumsized enterprises, enhance the innovation ability of small and mediumsized enterprises. From the development of the electricity supplier, the best proof of information technology to help small and medium enterprises. br from has been increasing the telecommunications infrastructure construction, to speed up the popularization of broadband intensity, industry letter ministry give people the feeling is more and more understand the Internet. The enterprise, but also try to use the Internet to transform the platform. At present, some of the sharp enterpris
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Red Spring Green Saddle Browne, has begun to apply for universal web site, the application and brand related domain name to enhance the brand, enhance the brand awareness of the Internet platform. At the same time, it is understood that the Ministry of industry and the Internet also began to introduce relevant policies to support small and medium enterprises in the process of information. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the 12th Five Year Plan hereinafter referred to as the for the Twelfth Five Year period, the transformation of small and medium enterprises put forward the overall thinking, development goals, major tasks and important measures. br after the introduction of this policy, Ministry of industry jointly Baidu company to start the Xiang plan, invest 30 million yuan of funds in the Twelfth Five Year Plan period help SMEs to open up the market. Its background is the national Twelfth Five Year plan proposed by the small and medium enterprise information promotion project. Ministry teamed up with Baidu, to the small and mediumsized enterprise assistance, which reflects the transformation of the role of government, abandoned by their own power to change the market approach, instead by market force to promote enterprise self renewal and development. br as is known to all, small and mediumsized enterprise to the network marketing is not good, but do not know how to use the Internet this excellent platform to reduce costs and to enhance corporate brand influence. Baidu data show that, although China has more than 40 companies use Baidu’s search marketing services, but only to the overall size of China’s enterprises 1%, distance from foreign countries in the development of the Internet is more than 10% of the universal level there is a big gap. In view of this situation, the Ministry found a proficient in the network marketing of Baidu, together to help small and medium enterprises in transition. it is reported, Xiang plan in four aspects. First, Baidu plans to develop 100000 search marketing personnel every year to enhance the marketing capabilities of small and medium enterprises; two is to build small and medium enterprise service platform for small and medium enterprises to provide quality of search marketing services; three is for remote areas, less developed areas free of charge to promote regional economic development; four is based on their own

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