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December 17 December 16th

China arms sales to the United States arms business is only the first step army Changfeng Perry class destroyer , Beijing, December 17 December 16th, the U.S. government announced the sale of the total amount of about $worth of weapons and equipment to Taiwan. On the same day, Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang ordered summoned the U.S. charge d’affaires Li Kaian, made solemn representations to the United States. Zheng Zeguang pointed out that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s I love Nike air foamposite pro territory. China firmly opposes arms sales to Taiwan to the United states. The United States in the direction of the sale of weapons in serious violation of international law and international relations and the basic norms of international
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale relations, Taiwan, China and the United States seriously violated the principles of the three joint communique seriously damage China’s sovereignty and security interests. In order to safeguard I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women national interests, the Chinese side decided to take necessary measures, including the United States to participate in Nike Air Max Sale For kids the sale of weapons to the United States in the direction of Taiwan sanctions. Zheng Zeguang stressed that no one can shake the Chinese government and people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the firm will oppose foreign interference. China urged the United States with a clear commitment made in the three Sino US joint communiques, cancel
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Black Purple the plan to sell arms to Taiwan and stop military ties with the United States and Taiwan, so as to prevent further damage to the Sino US relations and other important areas of cooperation. br US Taiwan arms sales after a period of silence, US government on December 16, 18.31 billion arms sale to Taiwan in a bill, notice the congressional review procedures, including Perry class escort ship, 12 vehicles AAV 7 amphibious assault vehicle, I like Nike foamposite one 1 frame ah AH64 Apache helicopter, portable stinger antiaircraft missiles, Javelin anti tank I buy Nike air foamposite one missiles and TOW missiles. despite the White House said that the United States has long insisted that the one China policy has not changed. This 4 years to become the first American arms sales to Taiwan, a Taiwan is nearly 40 years, the longest time interval. But the United States the number of Taiwan arms sale, after the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the United Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men States over the years, unprecedented, is President Barack Obama of the United States for a term before the expiry, and China’s Taiwan region the largest arms deal, is bound to have been firmly opposed to the Chinese government
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale and the Chinese people, he is bound to be affected is constructing the new Sino US relations among major powers. for a long time, the relationship between the United States and Taiwan and Taiwan arms sales, has been a core issue affecting the relationship between China and the United States, a serious impact on the improvement and development of crossstrait relations. Politicians in the United States government and military officials always regarded Taiwan as beauty unsinkable
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale aircraft carrier, especially in American strategic East Asia, side in stirring up the conflict between China and its neighboring countries in the territorial waters of the islands, on the one hand, and of Taiwan China stepping up the sale of military equipment, provoking military confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to obstruct the crossstrait reunification of the pace. The United States government and the military has been using Taiwan as a bargaining chip to blackmail China, trying to prevent China’s overall national strength and the development of the United States to achieve the purpose of the United States to dominate the Asia Pacific affairs. The United States arms sales to Taiwan the value of Sino US build new relations between big powers.

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