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Did you get ready for the medical examination before 17:34 20150529

Did you get ready for the medical examination before 17:34 20150529? p, college entrance examination
is important, before the college Mechanical Mod and RDA entrance examination is equally important. Many students ignore physical examination, give yourself caused a lot of unnecessary trouble, experts remind before the medical examination of
candidates E-CIGARETTE CHINA should pay attention to the following points: br examination is ridges college entrance examination of a not too big nor too small, if failed because the examination results and make their own missed and dream is very bad. Therefore, in the physical examination before and Disposable e cigarette should pay attention to the following details. 2. Hepatitis pathogen carriers or hepatitis B surface antigen positive liver function without exception does not affect the general professional admission, candidates must not be in order to and try a
variety of no drug is effective, otherwise may because Lanfu drugs and leading to the transfer of ammonia lyase increased. br 3. If the medical prevalence such as colds, fever and other common diseases, should be prior to Hot E Cig kits the teachers and
medical doctor truthfully explain the situation, to those in during the illness it is difficult to check the project temporarily seized, by teachers with medical doctors agreed re examination of time and check. Physical examination to overcome the tension, and actively cooperate with the doctor, in accordance with the relevant requirements to do, so that the actual situation of their own can
truly reflect. Some candidates, a see the doctor, the spirit of tension, blood pressure ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA naturally high, so you have to calm the mood, to be emotional stability after examination. br 4. Check the visual acuity before can drop point Mingmu eye drops, check sight note covering not oppress E-CIG CHINA eyeball, if the eye is oppressed, inspection will be dazzling, affecting normal results. Check the color, not the blind opened immediately after the answer should answer, see. But also do not hesitate, more than the specified time to answer. This will be mistaken for color blindness or blindness, affecting some professional admission. no classification Rel= comment 0 Rel=

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