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Doors are unbolted at night

1, i like air max shoes Doors are unbolted at
Cheap Jordan 9 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China night. here is not exaggerating to say every family all but that in Japan, Doors are unbolted at night., can Doors are unbolted at night Do not say first student dormitory can not lock the door, many independent house two floors, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes with a buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online small yard, sometimes forget to lock the door is not the problem, especially like the back door. 2 , a peaceful and prosperous time. in Japan to study abroad, often to goods than three, such as supermarket A eggs cheap, supermarket B fruit special, so you need to ride a few buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online supermarkets back and forth several times. Start also like in China, to find a place to lock the bike, the supermarket A to
Cheap Jordan 4 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China buy things with. p but later discovered that in Japan, the bicycle can not lock, the package body ah, belongings can put in the bicycle basket direct i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes throw on the outside is good the. precious things are still with their own good in Japan has always been such a thing, never lost something, and never lost a bike. Shopping efficiency is also greatly improved. 3, fall a lot of people help, ambulance arriv
Jordan 4 Nubuck MJ4N05ed at a rapid once I met a girl in the tram fainted. At that time there was a passenger in the car immediately press buy air max shoes online the emergency button, tell the staff to have a passenger fainted. And then around the people together to let out a whole row of seats, and then the boys together to the girl to the seat lying. The train to the next station, the door open, several uniformed staff with a stretcher on the girls immediately to take away the. the whole journey does not delay the running time of the tram, ambulance arrived very quickly, the surrounding passersby are also full of energy. Look back to help the elderly domestic incidents of fraud, feel the positive energy bursting of Japanese society. 4, self
Cheap Jordan 5 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China help very much as if Japan is a country that doesn’t worry about people who don’t give money to help the selfservice equipment, it’s a vending machine. In fact, not just to sell drinks, Japan’s supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations and so on have achieved a self payment, do not understand Japanese words really inconvenient. these are not what, Kyoto University, a variety of reading proof, credit certificate, graduation certificate is through the automatic vending machine printing! And print out automatic strip steel seal, this is what ah, doesn’t need to teach at the queue, bunkers have 5, strong public toilet equipment compared to the domestic public toilets dirty and messy, public toilets are very powerful equipment in japan. First of all, must be a toilet paper, secondly, the domestic hot toilet seats are, feature rich can wash PP, can have water voice to cover girls the hush sound can be automatically heated washer, let you no longer cold in winter. This is a public toilet! p in addition, public toilets in Japan also has a name called dressing room mount j u feeling, as the name suggests, is the girl to makeup. 6, go to a restaurant serving is not urging basic etiquette

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