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Dou Yuming: most of the private placement strategy relies on the 21 years in the business

Dou Yuming: most of the private placement strategy relies on the 21 years in the business, not to buy low sell high 20150811 institutional investment and Dou Yuming believes that the shortterm slump has been close to the end, the current Shanghai composite index is reasonably E-CIGARETTE CHINA low, while the gem high. Optimistic about China’s emerging consumer goods industry and traditional industry mergers and acquisitions opportunities. source: value line 8 June 9, rarely in public voice of fund industry heavyweights, central fund chairman Dou Yuming in Jinji Lake in Suzhou across the rich people of China for the pure dry speech. p Dou Yuming said the popular socalled stock picking and choosing the operation strategy is pseudo investment strategy, he said, 21 years in the business, had never seen a real high throw bargain hunting people. speech, he admitted, is still the most private equity trading strategies rely on insider information. Disposable e cigarette p he also clarified that for some time ago public offering of the E-CIG CHINA fund’s slump is not due to restricted by the state to lighten up the cause, if we can determine the trend, who don’t lighten up ah!, the following is the full text of the speech: sim
ple to talk about the future of investment opportunities. I think, the shortterm slump has been close to the end, a long Hot E Cig kits time to see the reform process, I am very optimistic. China is very rich, the market is big, the development of various regions are not the same, some regions may have entered the economic level of the developed countries, some areas or backward countries. In this environment, there must be
a good company can be selected, than the stock picking ability. The trend of A shares depends on the financial side and the expected reforms, this bull market is pushing up the funds, but also push quickly. I personally believe that the funds will be further relaxed, because the entire economy is very difficult to be optimistic, and the next few years, it is difficult to have a big improvement. So, there is no other
way, only Chinese version of QE, can only put the money, we will see all the way Mechanical Mod and RDA to put money. longterm bullish reasons, one is the interest rate is relatively low, a good company, as well as the wealth of the residents need to change from indirect investment to direct investment. some time ago, the stock market crash, Taiwan has
also occurred in similar things. But look carefully, after falling down, the rebound is basically stable, but a lot of investment opportunities in the process, many stocks rose a lot. specific opportunities, like everyone else, I am very optimistic about China’s emerging consumer goods industry. In addition, I am also optimistic about the traditional industry mergers and acquisitions, if the traditional industry concentration is increased, the opportunity is great. Including many small
enterprises in Jiangsu, if it is the focus of the market to improve, the real market leading enterprises, there will be a lot of investment opportunities. A share market, the Shanghai composite index is reasonable, and the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA high gem, investment and gem need to be careful. A stock 1000 times earnings ratio is not high? Not necessarily high, may be low. But a market 200 times earnings ratio is not high

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