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. Drilling and real execution vulnerability to hoard tickets chaopiao. At present

Original title: many scenic spots "cattle" chaos survey: 60 yuan tickets of the palace scrambled to 300
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men yuan Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April 6 (Xinhua) Title: 60 yuan tickets highest fry to 300 yuan — many scenic spots "cattle" chaos survey Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint
Blake Griffin Shoes Men "reporters Shanghai Disneyland opening on the first day of the ticket" one ticket is hard to find ", tickets, and even fired to the official ticket price ten times as much; the original price of 60 yuan tickets for the palace, in the official channels sold out the same day after the cattle outcry reached 300 yuan; the local identity with visitors with fare evasion, then bundling profit…… During the Qingming holiday, "Xinhua viewpoint" the reporter interviewed in Beijing, Hubei, Anhui, Jilin tourism attractions found that some scenic spots of the cattle to get
Blake Griffin Shoes Women really cheap tickets, some of the cattle to price speculation several times more profit, and some also with tourist fare evasion and mandatory spending. Reporters in the Palace door experience "cattle" fried ticket Qingming Festival period, reporter found that visit, in some of the popular attractions. Due to the shortage of tickets, a large number of high priced "scalped tickets". In April 3rd, the the Imperial Palace in Beijing, due to the daily limit of 80 thousand passengers, at the time the electronic screen pro
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Olive Greenmpts the tickets have been sold out. However, the reporter at the door but found a lot of cattle to sell the day tickets. Most of the original 60 yuan tickets offer 150 yuan, the most expensive price of 300 yuan. When there are tickets tourists questioned the authenticity of, a "cattle" said: "rest assured, here are monitoring patting it, no one would dare to sell fake tickets." According to the "yellow" said they have dozens and dozens of ID ID number, ticket for. Ms. Li from Guizhou to Beijing tourism, with the price of 450 yuan to buy a 3 coupon, the average cost of 150 yuan. "It’s not easy to take a trip to the parents, to buy" scalpers "map is easy." Shanghai Disney resort start theme park ticket, grab tickets in the tide, there was intermittent fault ticketing system. So instead of looking for some tourists even by the cattle ticket agent. Originally two tranches of 370 yuan, 499 yuan tickets fired thousands of yuan, some businesses even hang out "on the first day tickets 3899 yuan" price, higher than the price of official channel 10 times as much. It is understood, scenic spot ticket is "cattle" fry to double the price even higher a lot of chaos, in the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, Shanghai Museum of natural history, and other attractions have happened has become many popular attractions to disrupt the travel order of the "ills". In some scenic resources is not tight, the ticket cattle also active. Reporters at the tenth session held in Wuhan China Fair Park door and found a lot of cattle selling tickets, priced at 100 yuan ticket window is generally "cattle" to 90 yuan or 80 yuan price of the transaction. Three types of "cattle" popular reporter survey found that there are many opportunities to profit in the active area surrounding the "cattle". Drilling and real execution vulnerability to hoard tickets chaopiao. At present, the Imperial Palace in Beijing, Xiamen Gulangyu, Gansu Mogao Grottoes scenic area in the implementation of tickets or ticket real name system, tourist tickets need to input the ID card information, people, card, ticket can be entered the scenic tour. However, some scenic spots in the real name system implementation process, the existence of the ticket of identity verification is lax loopholes, "cattle" hoarding tickets fry a ticket provides a space. In the ticket

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