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Electronic commerceThe rapid development of Internet

Electronic commerceThe rapid development of Internet, let China traditional business success electric shock. The electronic commerce not only affects people’s shopping habits, but also directly affect people’s living habits. In recent years, ecommerce marketing model to deepen. From the earliest B2B, C2C, B2C to the mobile Internet, now 020, ecommerce business model innovation speed, beyond all traditional industries. today’s ecommerce is not only a simple shopping channel, is the real economy and emerging industries fusion. Especially when the Internet concept popularization, electronic commerce in 2015 into the scale of development period, the impact on the economic and social life gradually deepening. Also requires the electricity supplier business model can not be simply to innovation as the main target, must meet the needs of the market, the development of society, economy, etc Zhang supermarket model combined the world launch of the 020, with the precise segmentation of industrial chain, the development of convenient, standardized services and access to great concern in the industry. , a supermarket, 020 wins in the convenient service we are most familiar with Tmall Taobao, Amazon, etc., is the first domestic electricity supplier brand, is now the most influential business platform. Double 11, double 12 has created numerous traditional enterprises with digital, more users remain within doors to enjoy shopping, but because the industry is too broad, service flow over complex, still can not completely from the online trading and online and offline integration. palm and World supermarket 020, as the name suggests is a supermarket as the center, improve the supermarket of the supply chain, to synchronize online and offline transactions and services. Break through the traditional electricity supplier services difficult problem, let the supermarket owners enjoy the real integration of purchasing experience. two, innovative business model to explore consumer demand as the direction of development Taobao though developing rapidly, but the voices of doubt is more and more, in the final analysis is the problem of excessive, in recent years the booming, making the brand reputation go from bad to worse. The root is not unified and the business quality, customer service, logistics and distribution services need to be improved, is the cause of the consumer business platform in question. from WALMART, Sam online supermarket, Yonghui supermarket fresh electricity supplier point of view, the transition from the electricity supplier there are also positioning is not clear enough, problems in the development of objective fuzzy etc The world market for palm and problems are analyzed, and find out the corresponding solutions, and then analyze the commercial positioning platform. The innovation of business model, the B2B and O2O combination, completely solve the consumers on the quality, delivery, service and other aspects of the demand and any menace from the rear. three, open up the supply chain to ensure the product price advantage pocket and supermarkets ordering platform, is based on the most.

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