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every time to entertain them warmly. Na Ying admires Meng Tong’s gentleman style

Na Ying, a forthright northeast, with a tenacity in the music industry to lay their own piece of territory. From the beginning of the 1990s, Na Ying become a beacon of mainland pop music, similar to the 1998 and other songs popular in the streets, a sister position has thus identified. In twentyfirst Century, Na Ying was promoted buy air max shoes online to the mainland music spread, big sister. Compared with her over the years has been in the limelight of the singing career, in
Penny Hardaway Shoes Naing is full of twists and turns, suffered the injury situation after the hard won happiness. Na Ying and the peak in ten years in 2004, the peak gave birth to a son happy, why can not into the marriage hall? What happened between them? Who is to help her out of depression? Na Ying and the peak of the fate began in a gathering of friends Mao Ning became the two man matchmaking. At the time of the peak can be said is Chinese football’s big brother, with handsome appearance and natural and unrestrained style of many fans to follow, and the British fashion was truly ubiquitous. And peak fell in love, Na Ying, in addition to enjoy the love of sweet, singing career is also a way to skyrocket, the mountain does not turn water turn, smoke and mirrors, the meet i
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellown 98, conquer has many first Yu household dawn hits the holds to the position of days. Two people in 1995, 2004 with the crystallization of love son happy. But this pair of Shenxianjuanlv but because peak sudden illegitimate child storm to break up to an end, at the time caused buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online indeed great concern, become the topic that year entertainment recently burst. Meng Tong is a German MBA degree of returnees, after returning from abroad to open the VICS bar in the vicinity of Beijing workers stadium. At that time, the peak often asked Na Ying buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online to go VICS. Meng Tong is friends with the peak, every time to entertain them warmly. Na i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Ying admires Meng Tong’s gentleman style, she and Meng Tong became friends. Suffering from marital betrayal of Na Ying, a long time to get out and nearly got depression. Meng Tong found Na Ying also i like air max shoes very anxious, the trustee found a very
Merrell Shoes famous psychologist, asked Na Ying to go on. However, Na Ying wouldn’t go. Meng Tong anxious,
Carmelo Anthony Shoes patiently enlighten Na Ying said: you are like this, my friends know much about the sad? You can’t avoid their disease, it’s shameful what. You need to be happy, your family needs you, our friends also need you, you must be better as soon as possible. In Meng Tong down, Na Ying finally agreed to go to therapy. Then the two will soon fall in love. In December 2006, Na Ying and Meng Tong married in i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes canada. In August 2007, nearly 40 year old Na Ying Meng Tongsheng had a daughter little apple. now, Na Ying and Meng Tong have been recognized entertainment model couple, launched the enviable. Na Ying’s love and marriage friends together, but now it is very difficult to see her. Na Ying explained completely because of child care, I really felt a little guilty, especially Yang Kun, I hurt him, he had a birthday, I was going to go, then for

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