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[face] top [face ah! I really for us a part of Chinese sad! Without a moral bottom line also, like Zhang Wuben although in some places blown a spectrum and are not, but also know that traditional Chinese medicine TCM is the excellent traditional culture of the motherland, if say Chinese medicine really did not because of the Nobel Prize is not scientific, it can not cure the disease. By the way, why are there when the people on his? Throughout ancient and modern, western medicine development but more than two hundred years of history, the Chinese nation, two hundred years ago will not cure the? Don Bian Que, Zhang Zhongjing, Hua generations of Chinese medicine is not medical medicine? May I remind some people want to have been ridiculed their patriotism will, but I have to say is a person is totally ignorant, at least, should know how to respect history discount lebron james website and facts! The gentle wind blowing fan happy, laden with flowers, gone with the wind to your remote, floated into your home, float into your heart; friendship comes from a sincere blessing from the heart! May the smile on your face, may happiness be with you, may happiness fly into your heart, wish good i love jordan nubuck men luck accompanies you to live in 2012 The wind, is our continuous care; blustery,
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Womens Air Jordan 14 Winter Style thoughts; the birds, I i like lebron james 2016 careful talk; bloom, my warm smile! Friends, let the wind blowing you, cloud around you, the birds looked discount kids air jordan shoes at you, the flowers to protect you, happy every day! Happy every day! The theoretical system of TCM in 4, why not compatible with other disciplines? Excuse me, which is not compatible with the subject? This problem is really difficult to accurately answer. But as I understand it, the Chinese pay attention to the macro, especially the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. The theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine from the macroscopic angle, and some Western discipline is from i love cheap jordans wholesale the microscopic study. Taking antibiotics for example, antibiotics in bacteria fighting will also harm on human normal cells, such as liver and kidney damage, etc., which exist in many western medicine side effects, so the doctor will tell you can not
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 eat, to eat according to the dose, or liver and kidney era thanks not to come over is bad. And many of heat clearing and detoxifying herbal medicines, such as isatis root, honeysuckle, adult drink every day and do not necessarily have anything wrong, of course lit when the drink some strong, drink, usually especially in summer, one day a cup and repeated plus water to drink, light, heat and thirst quenching. This is not because of isatis root, honeysuckle did not contain the toxic side effects of ingredients, are just produce toxic side effects of ingredients are other ingredients contain a lot of, the rest of the toxins on the human body is very little the. Like a formal legal drink from cloud agent, food packaging, packaging of plasticizer, negligible, but a large number of longterm eat drink a lot of high concentration will poison storage. 5, science without borders. Western medicine is from the existing material synthesis and purification or raw materials, many plants, there is a lot of mineral i like air jordan shoes men and so on. The chemical, physical, not because Chinese came, it becomes very Chinese characteristics. The math problem is like
Womens Air Jordan Shoes 11=2, the most basic, even though Chen Jingrun spent so many years, the 11 is equal to 2. In some traditional Chinese medicine plays a key role in the composition of chemical substances is western population? But!

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