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filmed on location in Nanjing television the most. Therefore

Creative and starring drama. Original title: the Supreme Procuratorate anti-corruption drama shoot what? In the "creative": thw decade reporter Zhangyi recently in a department of Nanjing has been shooting in understated realism drama "name, but attitude" mysterious "in the domestic and foreign media caused strong concern. Originally, play a project led by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Television Center full-time deputy buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online director Mr. Fan i like air max shoes Ziwen, written by Zhou Meisen is China’s first political drama, directed by the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes famous Li Luming, the sword is the contemporary Chinese society, anti-corruption is a hot topic. Recently, Yangzi Evening News reporter interview writer Zhou Meisen and director Mr. Li, it is worth mentioning in the creative industry of Nanjing dingdingyouming, filmed on location in Nanjing television the most. Therefore, it can be said that this is the Nanjing border in recent years, the film giant system engineering. Director Li Luming: it could be one of the most spacious contemporary drama 2004, due buy air max shoes online to its special story and the sensitivity of a series of reasons, once a high-profile political corruption to disappear for ten years ". With the anti-corruption work eighteen times to promote, the theme of the party’s work style and clean government began to gradually restore the film and television works. Only last year, SARFT has 7 and anti-corrupt ion drama.
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey BlackAnd the swimming pool, actor Lu Yi, Zhang Fengyi, Wu Gang, Xu Yajun, Hu Jing, Ke La, actor, Zhao Ziqi, Su Xing heavily involved in the "person" the name is in hundreds of leaders, by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate support capture, similar to 120 billion from the drop of
Nike Air Max Lunar 1 Womens total investment attempts to induce, can say is China’s highest political arena. Recently, the reporter shot in the Hexi area of Nanjing quiet." The man’s name, "in such a Lu Yi play male crew, he plays is Liangping Supreme People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau of investigation, he in the survey together due to ownership disputes caused by" bloody demolition incident ", and spider web found hidden in behind the crime. In monitoring the day before yesterday in a busy shooting director Li Luming, seize every opportunity to accept a reporter’s interview, he said, it is possible that the current drama of the polymerization, the largest investment in the most spacious scene". Lee, director of past life ethics drama director specializing in, his work "the happiness of big brother," under the Hawthorn Tree of love is very popular with the audience. " The name is Li Luming first i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes time director of the political drama, but whether it buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online is from the humanistic and artistic feeling, director of Lee’s "food": "I have always felt that the working time and the quality has a close relationship, just listen to the Zhou Meisen Mr. Fan Ziwen invited procuratorate anti corruption game to experience life. More than a
Nike Air Max Lunar Flyjnit Chukka Womens decade ago, I was invited to participate in Zhou Meisen, has not had the opportunity to cooperate. Later, we soon reached a cooperation agreement: "the writer Zhou Meisen: in the last ten years of struggle, does not exist, we believe that the vitality of
Nike Max Air Thea Womens Zhou Meisen and corruption in China, the first person said, has created the" indictment "absolute power", "my main ups and downs" a series of classic corruption game. The game received a written invitation to his refusal, repeatedly suggested that fan’s corruption

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