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following the tigers

following the tigers, catch flies, immediately launched a Fox action. The fox 2014, sounds very large taste of cops and robbers and spy, in fact, is the Chinese public security organs to arrest fugitive suspects outside the economic special action code. , according to news reports, the July 22nd start of the special action has achieved significant results. But with domestic anticorruption every week is exciting tiger was in a cage, every day flies were brought to justice compared, apart from the occasional exposure one or two overseas really do not mix down the corrupt officials are being brought back outside, Fox action significant results really lack of goodness. ; to the draconian way of anticorruption, if wants to go further, the most important step is cut off by corrupt officials posterior. Disposable e cigarette In the system of anticorruption and rule of law is not yet perfect, mainly rely on deterrence and punishment of corruption, corrupt officials to corruption. this is in fact the only slightly more effective way to fight against corruption in Chinese history, but the effective way to put on today, but played a discount, why? One of the most important reason is that corrupt officials can trans
fer assets, absconding with money or put the families of the children sent abroad. ; imagine, the Qin Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and Song Dynasty corrupt officials of corruption, even more, only living not bring, died E-CIGARETTE CHINA away, as long as the court corruption or corruption by the Treasury, between their
property confiscated overnight; and
if the court is not anti rot, and finally the peasant uprising up they, eventually, you pull his finger count will know, China with authority and power cannot separate the rich people and almost killed, the rich but three generations may be exaggerated, but it will not corrupt officials of wealth to future generations, but mostly brought to future generations so that they die without descendants, sworn revenge, this is a lot Mechanical Mod and RDA of historical basis. ; p said from this significance, slightly
sober ancient Chinese officials will realize that unbridled corruption almost means the final die sonless. To punish even a good is ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA your ancestor eight generations corruption money Hot E Cig kits can be recovered, no place to hide your property, you also have no place to go. However, turning the earth into a global
village of modern society is different, since the reform and opening up, the corrupt Chinese officials is also advancing with the times and become wise up and corruption corruption money is the transfer of the place and get the tens of millions, hundreds of millions of children and grandchildren have nowhere to hide. China’s anticorruption has thus encountered the biggest bottleneck. ; p in view of the current anticorruption momentum, if you persevere persist, and gradually transition to system, anticorruption law, for example in the next two years gradually implement officials property registration and property of the public’s sunshine policy, to tell the truth, and mercenary officials in front of the corruption may have to think twice. E-CIG CHINA However,

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