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From Internet TV to smart TV

From Internet TV to smart TV, and then to the cloud TV, more than a year of time, television has experienced three times of change. Recently, Haier, Konka, Changhong and other 6 TV manufacturers have launched their own cloud tv. Same new products, by different manufacturers, in such a short time to launch, this dense, in the domestic color TV industry has never been. Is not difficult to foresee, the future of cloud TV competition will be unprecedented intense. br cloud TV launch, set off a family entertainment storm at the same time, will also lead to cloud TV product more fierce competition. In the past ten years, the competition among TV manufacturers have white flag, the layout of cloud TV vendors is to create competitive differentiation. The problem is, the core competitiveness of the cloud TV where? br obvious, cloud TV’s core competitiveness, according to the needs of users launc
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Black Skyblue Peachhed rich cloud applications, after all, the existing TV product on the market in the hardware configuration is difficult to separate high and low. So, cloud application is the core competitiveness of cloud tv. Specifically, a good cloud TV, to meet the diverse needs of the user’s entertainment. Taking into account that the TV is an extension of smart TV, but also to load rich applications, which means that the hardware configuration of the cloud TV is also very good. br in general, a competitive cloud TV have two conditions: one is to have the best hardware accessories; the second is to have suitable for users of massive cloud applications. Re look at the market of cloud TV products, we are not difficult to find a lot of color TV manufacturers do not know what the real core competitiveness of cloud tv. to Haier just launched HiTV cloud TV, this can be said to be a highly competitive cloud TV products. A second cloud speed start, a key to multi screen which is enough to let users shake. It is reported that, HiTV pioneered the CPUGPU dual core processor, 3D intelligent engine and other cuttingedge movement configuration, operating speed greatly enhanced, the TV starting a second boot. Due to the cloud TV also has the operating system, starting the need for time, a second cloud speed start will reduce the user’s waiting time, to bring better user experience, which is also a competitive. In the application of

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