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funded by the four men are not allowed to buy land and build a farmer

Original title: Hubei patrol interrogation and "persistence" audit: Chinese discipline inspection report inspection team to party conduct Lianzheng construction universality, tendency problems and i love cheap jordans wholesale other issues of importance to for forming special report, analyzed the reason and put forward the suggestion. i love jordan nubuck men This is the "clear requirements China inspection work regulations" the Communist party. Recently, I visited the Hubei provincial inspection teams found that patrol around an opportunity in awe, a batch of ice and ice surface. A number of discipline cadres punished. In order to prove violations of the "three" 20158, 5 morning sent a long letter, written three thousand letters, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Committee Secretary Wang Haitao. He wrote a letter, is
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men the provincial inspection team leader Fan Renfu third. This is the third inspection group stationed in Icheon Enshi City, in
Blake Griffin Shoes the seven days time, arrived from Lichuan, members of the
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men inspection team the same problem: Cadres said, the most intense is illegal, i like lebron james 2016 illegal occupation of land, illegal construction, Caidian illegal mining. We go to see where the road repair, invade the place cover." Fan Renfu said, according to the preliminary investigation of Lichuan City, three illegal construction". For the very valuable land resources, mountain city, "three violations of" normal city planning, land management and real estate market damage. The inspection team understand, this problem has existed for a long time, the municipal government has put forward rectification, finally failed. Lichuan provincial inspection group problems can not be avoided, is keenly aware that many cadres also alleged violations of law, urban management issues as social problems, must have the work style of cadres, and even corruption. The local has formed an unhealthy trend, when the cadres not to engage in a private, not fan humanwell said. The inspection teams visited found that 12 places discount kids air jordan shoes the highest private savings of more than 1000 square meters, the largest, funded by the four discount lebron james website men are not allowed to buy land and build a farmer, and opened a hotel, to seek benefits. Many leading cadres housing interests, with the village cadres, public officials and relevant departments. Inspection teams to listen to opinions, repeated research measures. Leadership fan wrote three thousand letters at night, not only that, but also i like air jordan shoes men analyzed and countermeasures, and requires the three violations of the cadres strict penalties for other people issued a warning. Responsible person in charge of Rikawa Rikawahito’s history. Leadership’s heartfelt words, Enshi, Lichuan City leaders and cadres by vibration, Wang Haitao in instructions to the letter called for a thorough renovation "three violations". A vigorous Lichuan round war began on 1 September, "Trinity" patrol left Lichuan, remove illegal 50 times from the "three violations" seat, other construction "three violations" has been incorporated into the electronic monitoring records, and the formation of the policy, eliminating the "three violations" have a clear timetable. Demolition of illegal construction, including land bureau deputy director, three people in violation of the planning bureau deputy director of the feng. According to the transfer rate of the inspection group

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