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Gainwide Research E-CIGARETTE CHINA Institute. The collective wisdom, effort to build. For investment, our professional analysis, win in the pupil, comprehensive watch
global focus, technical E-CIG CHINA analysis interpretation of market trends, analysis of unexpected events. The current single game focused Huiying Research Institute Hengtong, we provide you the investment achievement escort, winwin road!Analysis of [fundamental] br on Tuesday August 18 Dubai crude oil benchmark prices recently by two of China’s large stateowned oil giant amazing trading volume was boosted, and supply the global problem of excess still continued to weigh on the international oil prices. Up to now, WTI and Brent crude oil futures contract have, fell to lows and current point of view, the market did not bullish factors to prevent a further decline in oil prices. The current supply of crude oil market is still the biggest negative. Under the pressure of excess supply, prices continue to pressure above. spot crude oil disk show that yesterday ASEM time oil prices down back test invalid support near 266, U.S. set period of time o
il prices once again walk the intraday high piercing 5 day moving average resistance, 3:00 in the morning and in one fell swoop recorded daily highs after 276.0 prices pressure drop late afternoon price stabilize in 273 line. At present, the price of oil is up or down. Must be combined with the bottom line 266267 support, the early touch will rebound,
but the rebound is subject to the pressure line up front line pressure, the recent oil price is still maintained 266280 small box. br the daily view, average system still short order, yesterday evening drive time oil prices all the way intraday break above the resistance position and in late period gradually firm, closing price yesterday in the pressure line at the upper position, shortterm price pressure in the 10 day moving average, MACD fast line into MACD, cylindrical red line volume growth, fueled bull signs, but big trend remains bearish,
operation suggestions for days space high throw bargain hunting. [recommended] intraday price rebound to the 275276 region, short single, only 80, stop 30; as intraday price fell to 268269,
to do more than a single, only 80, stop 30; [note] the operation strategy ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA for this article br recently many investors are asking me, Miss Li I can according to your article to do a single, here unified description, we can according to my article to determine the market Mechanical Mod and RDA trend, but the specific operation sites, you need to make specific adjustments according to the further trend of market. Investors who do not know the specific Hot E Cig kits point Disposable e cigarette of operation can be directly added to me. br [statement: This paper by game Hengtong Lee Huixuan original operation are more than suggestions, within the overall trend is for reference only, the actual the

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