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Guangxi has made new breakthroughs in the treatment of diabetic foot

Guangxi has made new breakthroughs in the treatment of diabetic foot, with bone moving technology to help patients avoid amputation moves a new blood vessel p a a href rel = Guangxi News Network South China Morning Post Nanning amp; reporter Zhang if any diabetic foot is a nightmare for diabetics, feet even scraped the skin are difficult to heal, but also the rotten more may end up facing amputation. Guangxi Medical University yifuyuan bone and joint surgery team the bone shifting technology, by moving on the leg of a bone plate, let feet grow new blood vessels, help the patients to avoid amputation. p 73 year old Mr. Huang, 1998 was diagnosed with diabetes, 2002, feet began to a problem, accidentally bumps the a hole, not heal repeatedly, also began to fester. Recently, he accepted the operation in Guangxi medical yifuyuan bone joint surgery. The doctor moves a bone of his lower leg, so that the original necrosis of the foot to grow blood vessels, to keep the legs. p it is understood, the Academy of bone and joint surgery flower chiqui associate professor team from 2012 begin
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Ns Navy Blue Skyblue to use transverse tibial bone transport technique, has successfully for 20 patients in the treatment of diabetic foot, all cases were all cured patients from amputation. The technology used in the treatment of diabetic foot in the country belong to the first. bone transport is a kind of what technology? The early flower Qikai, once had a fire in the broken bones, the same principle is increased. First break bones, by slow continuous traction force and make long bones and equivalent to the head vertical shifting, is a time for space technology. the bone is not a day outside the flying Fairy, to the long bone, it is a long blood vessel. The longitudinal moving long bones, lateral moving long vessels can. Diabetic foot necrosis, because blood sugar will destroy the vessel wall, hinder blood circulation, equivalent to the water pipe leakage, the pipe is flat, the water will not pass. The traditional treatment of diabetic foot is the water pipe, a new way is to lay pipe. p shop pipe approach is through the operation, in a small leg cut a piece of bone, with a fixed support and regulation on the threaded rod, to every 1 mm to speed the bone to the horizontal shifting, after 3 weeks and then slowly move back in situ. In this process, the blood vessels will grow, and the start of the diabetic foot reversed, according to different age, about 68 months to resume normal walking. it is understood that the technology has been in the Chinese Medical Association of physicians in May this year, the annual meeting of the Department of orthopedics, the industry recognized. The external fixation device used in the treatment is designed by the team and has applied for the national patent.

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