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Guiguzi theory background

Guiguzi theory background, 2014 blog level level points:
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men access: time 20150225 09:35:57 amp; amp; amp; under downward pressure on the economy, the second to cut interest rates and RRR can still look forward to, in the central bank may still continue discount kids air jordan shoes timely, moderate and full dimensional stability, overall market liquidity remains ample, which will interpretation of structural Manniu market lay a solid foundation. Secondly, from the statistical point of view of history, the higher the probability of stock market i love jordan nubuck men rose after the Spring Festival, especially festival the first trading day off to a good start of the maximum probability. Third, since February 2nd 20150126 21:39:01 reading today in the afternoon stock index in insurance, real estate, oil prices driven by shocks. The Shenzhen Component Index outperformed the Shanghai Composite Index rose to 2% in the afternoon. Gem refers to continue to be strong in the afternoon, to recover the 5 line in the rose after 2%, and again hit record trend. Today
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men the subject shares in full i love cheap jordans wholesale bloom, football, Disney, the domestic software concepts gainers, after nearly
Jordan 12 Nubuck Red Black50 stocks closed limit discount lebron james website board. Banks, brokerage stocks pullback. From recent. Reading 20150126 08:53:19 on Friday morning near the closing quickly pulled, the afternoon opening to quickly pulled and then concussion falls, Zhang day motherboard refresh the new high, in the small cap, gem fell. Index is rather baffling change, brick home has rich imagination Jiepan, a time Public opinions are divergent. The author believes that there is no volume trick, not to read too much into. If the main lure more, many investors lured in? It is not obvious. If is the main Youkong. Reading 20150125 Introduction amp; said Friday the central bank, deposit insurance system is expected soon to be implemented, the initial stage will be the implementation of a single rate and subsequent gradual transition to differential rates. Chinese banking financial institutions at the end of 2014, nonperforming loan ratio of 1.64% at the i like air jordan shoes men end of 2014, commercial banks nonperforming loan rate of 1.29%. Don’t worry, 14 years banks dispose of bad intensified, orderly release
Jordan 13 Nubuck Men of risk, huijijiyi undesirable, early treatment is a correct path. Bad assets. Read 20150125 12:01:40 the domestic stock market has been rising for several months, the enthusiasm of investors with the index gradually rising up. We work for a long time in the stock market and the industry was to point out expert gold stocks. Although I repeatedly affirmed that no skill stocks into gold, but still are often asked to do all kinds of comments, recommended for all types of stock. Well, in different investment groups in knowledge, attempts to elucidate the A stock investment path. amp; a, investment group in all. Reading 20150124 introduction Friday, to finance, led by heavyweights sounded again washed off the horn, the stock index i like lebron james 2016 intraday break 3400 point mark integer, and hit a record 65 months 3406.79. Then, the weight plates fell, small subject reading

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