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He Yumin Tan Jiankang’s mood is not stable

He Yumin Tan Jiankang’s mood is not stable, some people with depression, some people showed anxiety or anxiety. Some local slang says is similar to chicken feet in front of the chest, clawing, also can say is indescribable be agitated, a lot of things uneasy, always want to handle, but always can not control. In fact, the essence of anxiety is the lack of confidence in themselves and the world. A company’s female finance director came to see me. Sit down, I found her in bad mood, anxiety, nervous, very upset, discount kids air jordan shoes and his hands full wet sweat. Her daughter told me that her mother had always been like this. In recent years, she has two cancer, one is medullary thyroid cancer, which is about forty years old, second times, and found the breast cancer. I found the treatment, her character is very characteristic: impatience, anxiety, emotional instability, always uneasy. She told me that she has been diligent, excellent work, discount lebron james website has repeatedly been rated as model workers, surprisingly, fate has given her a few cancer, really want to do not understand why, now see the cancer is chronic disease, and finally understand some. In the thin interrogation, I also found that she suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. She complained
Mens Jordan New School White of is always a bad stomach, a nervous diarrhea, even pick up the phone, when the bell rang, she began to palpitation, heart, stomach pain, will on the toilet. In fact, these symptoms
Jordan Sixty Club Men Wholesale are emotionally unstable, easily nervous typical, traditional
Jordan Son Of Mars Men Wholesale Chinese medicine call the former the latter is pain and diarrhea. She always felt work appears to any accident, always uneasy, always feel that something is not good, always feel
Jordan New School Shoes Wholesale have what terrible things to happen, is very typical anxiety, anxiety reaction. Clinical on, like a lot of this type of people, there are many reasons to explain: body plant nerve system unstable; psychological desire too much, self is difficult to control, and self confidence is relatively insufficient; social sense of security, lack of always have a sense i like lebron james 2014 of crisis. Later, her daughter said that her mother these i love jordan nubuck men years work particularly serious, because it is in the company than her ability i like air jordan shoes men purposes, she has lived in fear, for fear that a day which led to her withdrawal, so do be careful, trembling with fear, worry about the deviation. I fully understand her situation, I believe that the state and her vegetative nervous system, endocrine system and immune system are highly disordered, digestion, metabolism, and sleep will have a problem, she repeatedly cancer is due to these factors. Therefore, for her treatment, I gave the method in addition to control the tumor, and strive to give attention to the improvement and control of anxiety. The view of psychosomatic medicine: chronic stress is the enemy of human health. If a person is always in a state of chronic stress, there may be a health threat. Chronic stressors can be a variety of chronic inflammation, now has a clear, chronic inflammation is carcinogenic is one of the important factors, like chronic gastric ulcer, can easily develop into gastric cancer; like a chronic inflammation of the liver, liver cancer culprit; Epstein Barr virus infection of the nasopharynx, often resulting in nasopharyngeal carcinoma; cervical cancer is often attributed to human papilloma virus HPV infection, chronic i love cheap jordans wholesale infection is one of the common chronic stress state. Long term emotional instability, the same people in a chronic stress state, and more

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