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health care reform in the management office has been separated from the public hospital reform is also very difficult to dispute the topic and task

health care reform in the management office has been separated from the public hospital reform is also very difficult to dispute the topic and task. At present all over
Womens Air Jordan 14 Winter Style the actively implement the tasks of the reform, national supervision and inspection team also have to provincial Duzhen, although I have not traveled the earth of the motherland, but I can said in separate tubes do not a successful
Womens Air Jordan Shoes experience. I say success is consistent with the unity of fairness and efficiency of public discount lebron james website hospitals, unified public enthusiasm. Once upon a time, Chengdu, the first ha moment in the headlines, it is hanging in the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of a management mechanism, carry out sometimes, but did not feel to have how many changes
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 before and after the establishment of, or said and did not set up not much different. Another sensational news, Beijing also formally July ha After all, Beijing is a very important place, this initiative health bureau as a summer wind, blowing up the lake, to the reform of public hospitals in the deep water area of i like lebron james 2016 sail. As a chairman of the two post captain, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau Director and chairman of the hospital authority
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 Black White Red chief to the British said: health care reform is to cross the river by feeling the stones, no experience to draw on, if there is no more ready, then I am afraid crossing the river really have great difficulty. The captain’s concerns, seaman and how? Deep water area, the non crossing the river by feeling the stones so easily, whether through ha this boat really through the pipe i like air jordan shoes men run separate the river, hopefully, brave the wind and waves, indomitable. Hopefully, ha forward, bring the new wave of reform of health, also a demonstration in Guangdong. ha setting, the concept comes from the Hongkong Hospital Authority, they are a hospital management structure disorder in the management of public hospitals under the State Food and Health Bureau under the jurisdiction of the. As the first included in the sequence of administration of HA and HA in Beijing officially launched the operation, will be responsible for the i love cheap jordans wholesale management of Beijing 22 three municipal hospitals people, things, asset. According to reports, the discount kids air jordan shoes tube mainly refers to the responsibility in accordance with the cadre management authority from the president, the president of the term target responsibility system management and performance evaluation, to promote the construction of professional occupation, Dean, establishment of municipal public hospital general accounting system, and according to the president of the nomination, in accordance with the relevant procedures and vice president; steward is refers to the basic management, the municipal hospital will i love jordan nubuck men be responsible for the internal operation and reform, the implementation of basic management standardization, specialization, refinement of the medical services, promote health, rehabilitation and nursing separate hospital grading management; management of assets means ha will be funded by stateowned assets the identity management of assets the hospital investment, planning, development and cost accounting of assets management, to improve asset management efficiency and benefit. amp; amp; amp; people used to separate the conduct of public affairs, separate government functions from enterprise management to look at public hospitals of the separation of management and running, will also be hospital metaphor ha will serve as the role of coach, and health bureau is a

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