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holiday will do

holiday will do, leave the hospital to sell online business is hot. The owner claimed with the sale of official leave hospital and said The hospital doctor said, no registration and filing cannot leave open, through the paper and seal can also see the difference. September 5th Beijing Morning Post three days a small holiday ended, a network sale is fake fire. The socalled net sales of fake is fake things, it is to drill the loopholes in the system of lazy for convenience, because it almost lifelike effect and minor illness can according to, let the employer no refusal emboldened. Where there is market demand, the net sales of fake is the use of lazy demands and open world. so, why do people lazy, this is the real reason can explain a hot selling network. In the increasingly fierce competition in the workplace, the real shirker is destined to be eliminated, set aside a small portion of is indeed indolent lazy, I think quite a few professionals should be referred to as is more appropriate. Because their purpose is not to give up the job, unload the responsibility and play, and just want to give yourself a nervous and tired body and mind,
Kids Air Jordan 3 Black Purple Orange and more to meet the challenges of the future adjustment and buffer time. Of course, this is to understand the function of the network and selling from the positive perspective. p in fact, unit of choose and employ persons spend little effort to verify the application of authenticity, the net sales of fake popular to create the conditions. And some people in order to achieve the purpose of vacation, what are the false application, all dare to apply. I once had a colleague, to rest more, sick leave, marriage leave, a variety of conventional leave please after, almost no false don’t please. But after many false false claims, by will be less and less, eat this set of enterprises. Finally, the colleague unexpectedly rack their brains, actually for she from scouring the Internet to as false replacement and asking for a leave and solemnly submission of leadership, creating a strong due to loss of false color of sadness. The unit can not prove who had a death in the family can only release the bad luck, leave of absence, the colleague again. Objectively, in the eyes of the author, the colleague, lazy, just fake please a little more, she in order to realize vacation and a piece of paper to Amoy network called the leave in the best, reflects the incomprehensible side of human nature. p net sales for the unpopular must with holiday syndrome link, because it is some of them as a cure or relieve the syndrome of medicine. Speaking of this holiday syndrome, is happening after the holidays, more non physiological but temperament problems, such as in two or three days after the holiday feeling tired, not to mention the spirit, work efficiency is low and so on. So, to artificially extend the holiday, a net selling came in handy. According to statistics, people postponed vacation after the holiday and a lot of regular, extended for a variety of reasons. In the application of all extended vacation. In fact, it is difficult to guarantee 100 percent perfectly justifiable, and net selling fake article in which acts as a role is very possible thing. .

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