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Hot pot though delicious

Hot pot though delicious, but eat in the Hot pot should pay attention to health, pay attention to science. One should pay attention to the selection of fresh, so as to avoid the occurrence of food poisoning. Second, we must master the furnace is good, food if in the pot burn time is too long, cause damage to the nutrients, and loss of flavor; if unequal duration to boil eat, and easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, we should be careful not to soup to eat, otherwise easy to burn oral and esophageal mucosa. p ancient emperors and hot pot has a complex, Kublai Khan likes to eat hot pot, one winter, the troops suddenly to Kaiba, and he was hungry to eat mutton, mutton smart chef desperate will cut into thin slices, into the
boiling water pot hot, and add seasoning, green onion and other objects, Kublai Khan, after eating full of praise. Later, he made the emperor still did not forget this dish, and given the name mutton slices cooked in hot pot. According to legend, the Ming Dynasty writer Yang Shen childhood with his father and Yang Qian, went to a banquet at the Imperial Garden of emperor hongzhi. Boiled mutton hot pot feast and burning charcoal fire, the emperor Hongzhi thereby have a couplet, clo
ud: black red ash like snow to all the princes wills of Ministers immediately Disposable e cigarette by one looked at each other. At this time, young Yang Shen quietly to father Yin Xia Lian: valley like cream yellow Plain white rice. His father was the son of the emperor to read the sentence, the emperor Longyan, enjoy a cup of wine immediately. Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty also eat a Hot pot, he has repeatedly travel south, every one, have Hot pot. According to legend, he in the
first year of Jiaqing in first lunar month in the palace big pendulum 1000 gentleman feast, banquet is hot pot more than 1550. Up
to 5000 people were invited to taste, become history on the biggest a hotpot feast. p modern cultural celebrities of chafing dish also love alone bell, Hu Shi celebrities loves hometown Huizhou hot pot with, the feast please dinner guests, mostly by his wife well cooked Huizhou hot pot to entertain the guests. Famous writer Liang Shiqiu in an article entitled Mr. Hu Shi two or three things in the memory of the text, he described the Huizhou hot pot to him left a deep impression and Hu Shi’s preference for Huizhou hot pot. Film director Xie Tian early in Chongqing, like Chongqing is a favorite Hot pot, called the glutton Hot pot. p today, with the progress of science and technology, cooking skills development, hot pot Hot E Cig kits varieties also colorful, distinctive, depending on the fuel and, charcoal chafing ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA dish, gas hot pot, electric chaffy dish, alcohol chafing dish,; the texture E-CIG CHINA is concerned, a tin pot, aluminum pot, stainless steel pot, enamel pot; according to the structure, Siamese style hot pot, split type hot pot, mandarin duck hot pot,; according to the style of cooking, hot pot soup brine, stew pot, boiling hot pot. A variety of Hot
pot, add some excitement to the dinner table. A thousand different wind, in the different customs, our country hotpot color scene, thousands of 100 pot flavor, known as Mechanical Mod and RDA Guangdong seafood hot pot, rinse is like seafood, ingredients is very exquisite, and exquisite taste delicious food and fun, fresh and not greasy, delicious infinite; eat Suhang chrysanthemum hot E-CIGARETTE CHINA pot, hot pot soup chicken soup or broth, and supplemented with meat, fish, chicken, thin film and chrysanthemums rinse together with, fragrance refreshing, unique flavor; Yunnan Yunnan flavor pot,

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