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The summer has arrived. A folk saying guxia, meaning that summer is sad, especially in the north, the sweltering heat is really uncomfortable. So in this season, we should how health, how to care for it? Today, I will give you a special introduction about health care in summer. China family health history emphasize health to
Kids Air Jordan 7 Shoes Online Sale smooth and suitable for summer and winter and that health is the most important is to conform to the law of natural change. The Huangdi Neijing in four health theory of proposed nourishing yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter is the important point, summed up the preserve one’s health in the spring, the summer Yangchang, autumn raising revenue, winter kept possession of health law, that we must with the birth, growth, and closed, hidden rules to recuperate the five internal organs, maintenance of Qi and blood. First of all, let’s look at the summer season. Chinese medicine believes that the summer summer March, the fan show, world gas exchange, all china. That summer is the gas of heaven and earth, and all the lush season. Hot summer weather, the hot and wet air. The heat loss is most likely to belong to Yang evil, the human body Yang, Yang is so critical in summer regimen.
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Kids Air Jordan 5 KJ5013sponding, summer sweat a lot, sweat leak most vulnerable to loss of heart qi in summer, so pay attention to feed is also very important. In addition, said that Chinese heart the main consciousness, the summer should I buy Nike air foamposite one pay attention to the mental conditioning, be sure to Anshen Dingzhi, enough to make the heart qi, I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Yang exuberant. In such a season, we should be how to do it is in line with the law of change of heaven and earth? First of all need to night lying to get up early, not tired of the day, so that Chi no anger, so that the gas leak. Mean summer should be early to bed and early to rise, it is best to take a nap, it is a help to the accumulation of the body Yang, do not casually I like Nike foamposite one to anger, so that gas can be smooth catharsis. This is the general principles and practices of health in the summer. As we all know, summer
Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes Online Sale is most likely to lead to heat stroke, diarrhea and other diseases, there will be severe sweating, pale, or even fainting symptoms, this is summer heat invading the body caused by. Summer to pay special attention to the protection of the spleen and stomach, eat more heat Jieshu food, such as watermelon, lotus seed, coix seed, wax gourd, bitter gourd, and even melon skin, watermelon rind are good Jieshu food. But at the same time, summer and taboo to eat too much cold or chilled foods, especially usually taste relatively weak people, if not control is easy to make the spleen and stomach injuries to the fall of symptoms. Specific to the life, I will from I love Nike air foamposite pro the diet, sleep, exercise 3 aspects and then detailed for everyone to introduce. First is the diet. Diet must be Nike Air Max Sale For kids three three. Third is eat melons, eat more fresh vegetables, eat more vegetables sterilization. 1 eat melons: high summer temperatures, the body lose more water supplement. Moisture in vegetables is a natural, clean, nutritious and biologically active water that is filtered through a multilayer biofilm. Melons and vegetables are more than 90% moisture content. All melons and vegetables have lower blood pressure and vascular function. 2 eat more fresh vegetables, eat some vegetables, can Shengjinzhike, Chufan Jieshu, clearing heat, detoxification laxative. To recommend for summer vegetables include: bitter gourd, gourd, cucumber, Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men tomato, celery, paper

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