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href= in the National Convention Center held its sixth annual summit

April 22, 2011, href= in the National Convention Center held its sixth annual summit, the theme of this conference around a word, along with social media marketing, href= rel= href= rel= p the session a.m. for electronic commerce and the new economy two main venue, also in the afternoon around Mobile Internet, ecommerce applications, the focus of the new economy and a should the theme is marketing is divided into five chapters, in hot areas and hot topics, inviting industry experts one by one analysis and solution. br the following is Chuan Yang Zhang, general manager of the Department of science and technology strategy development in a speech cross linkage lock fans record: p map adsame technology strategy development department general manager Zhang Jing everybody is good! Very honored to Ai Rui afternoon integrated marketing first by my lead, I am Yang Chuan technology of Zhang Jing
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Greenfrom, responsible for strategic market to expand cooperation. Two years ago today to fly back to Beijing to experience the ZA imperial cultural join Seminyak, remember 3 months after Yang president Xu Peng in Shanghai iResearch debut. From then on, I with iResearch, Chuan Yang, intelligent digital marketing forged indissoluble bond. Today the sun is shining to return to imperial mood abnormal happy. It is found that the venue for digital marketing is obsessed with the number of fans still bujiandangnian. Really very lucky with you to join the Chinese Internet marketing era. Eric gives the integrated marketing planning forum, Yang gave me a proposition: cross linkage, lock the fan. Leave me an unlimited space to stretch. Colleagues are aware of Seminyak is a pure technology platform for the DNA Network Technology Co., Ltd., through the vertical media resources and a href K = a advertisement rel = advertising used optimization technical service on the brand and business customers, to achieve brand spread and effects of compatible. But today we talk about the integration of marketing, then we do not want to talk about technology, the theme of the general assembly is: trends, take the trend, the trend, the theme is very good by the king let us from

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