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I do not know when

I do not know when, 4G licenses issued as a hot spot of public opinion. 2012 China Internet Conference, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information revealed that the Ministry has decided to TDLTE 4G licence issued after about a year. In this regard, China Mobile is very High, consumer is very calm. As I said in the title, for China Mobile 4G license is full, for consumers is very skinny. 4G era is how far? from the Ministry of industry data, the development of the 3G network are not just passable. At the beginning of 2009, 3G licenses were sent. 3 years and a half of the past, the three operators of the user growth can be described as an anomaly. Not into the 3G era, and then on 4G, which is the same as the great leap forward. the Ministry announced the July 2012 communications industry data show that, 17 months, the cumulative number of mobile phone users in China reached 1062028000, 3G users 183761000. Data shows, 2012 17 months, China’s mobile phone users reached the cumulative net increase of 75775000 households, 1062028000 households. Which, 3G subscribers increased by 55338000, reaching 183761000. And fixed phone users are reduced by 19
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Red Pale Green14000. p 3 and a half years of time, the number of 3G users is not accounted for 20% of the number of mobile phone users. That is to say, the three operators invested trillions of dollars, only to absorb less than 2 million users. From the mobile phone market size, 3G network there is a lot of room for development, at this time on the 4G, operators are willing to take a year with hundreds of billions of dollars to hit? p from another point of view, more than 3 years of time, 3G users reason for the slow growth, means that users of 3G network is not recognized. At this time to blindly 4G is absolutely not worth the candle. At present, only China mobile operators to 4G licenses issued, said expectations, China Telecom and China Unicom also supports 3G. Earth people know, TD for China Mobile is passive, 4G is China Mobile would like to find a chance to turn around. from a technical point of view, the 4G LTE terminal equipment currently has a power consumption is too large and expensive, according to Moore’s law, it is estimated that at least 6 years later, in order to achieve the current 3G terminal production costs. In all aspects of the situation, the next 5 years is not suitable for the issuance of 4G licenses, because the 4G technology and the industry chain of the shape of the Chengdu need time. 4G licenses the beautiful lie since the next 5 years are not suitable for the issuance of 4G licenses, why the Ministry of 4G license for doing great? From the 3G licenses issued, this is another beautiful lie in the Ministry of industry and the letter. according to the Ministry of industry and information prediction, the investment scale of the pre construction of the 4G network is about 500000000000 Yuan, net.

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