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if you want to say that the future of the world economy

if you want to say that the future of the world economy, where? Liu Kuang will not hesitate and boldly tell you: in the hands of cloud computing, big data belly. Today, whether it is technology giants or governments, the cloud computing on the national economy as well as the top priority of enterprise strategy development. but from the current world situation, mainly in the United States and China’s cloud computing companies in the main. In the United States, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other giants. In China, the overlord of the bat, Huawei, Lenovo, Jingdong; from the point of view of comprehensive strength, Ali cloud, cloud Amazon, Microsoft’s cloud is becoming a global cloud computing triode, Amazon, Microsoft proudly entered the Chinese market, Ali cloud chest towards the international market. p soon Ali cloud has just reached the Amazon, Microsoft’s hinterland Silicon Valley, the outside world that Ali cloud to confrontation with Microsoft, Amazon; however recently Ali cloud suddenly advance in Dubai, Dubai as the center of radiation throughout the Middle East and North Africa, starting from Microsoft, Amazon and the strength of the weak, really let some be all at sea in the world can not touch the head. Ali cloud of this game is to be the Sun Tzu’s art of
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Red war that sentence: a Zhengyi, a virtual reality, actual situation Aioi opponent does not know to the. So, with the continuous development of Microsoft and Amazon in the Chinese market, Ali cloud full speed globalization expansion, the future of cloud computing will eventually be in the hands of the right to be in the hands of the end? a, Ali cloud as the first domestic Ali cloud cloud computing company, its market share of nearly 25%, be way ahead. The Ali cloud in the total number of domestic customers for 140 million, over the Amazon in the number of 100 million global customers, indicates the size of the Chinese market, Ali cloud is Amazon and Microsoft reached the Chinese market the biggest obstacle. Today, Ali cloud has enough strength in the world and the Amazon cloud shoulder. p first, Ali cloud currently in domestic has and Xinjiang, Tianjin, Gansu and other more than 10 provincial government departments reached strategic cooperation, but also with 12306, China Meteorological Administration and other key government agencies signed a longterm cooperation and huge government cloud base is Ali cloud strong backing, it can help Ali cloud in the attack of the global market do not have to worry about, do not worry about alien invaders in the domestic market to snatch their market share. second, from a technical point of view, Ali cloud as the world’s first to have the ability to provide 5K computing company, in fact, the nature of the natural non with the general. Take this year, Taobao, lynx double 11 promotional activities, the support of the day of the Big Ali cloud has no effect on the user’s online shopping experience, and the 12306 is also supported by Ali cloud has spent the Spring Festival is the climax of the spring festival. Able to have such a strong cloud computing capabilities, it is estimated that in the world can not find a few, Ali cloud is with one another example to allow the world to its technology gradually recognized and trusted. third,

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