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Industry dynamic Chinese patients go to Japan for medical examination

Industry dynamic Chinese i love jordan nubuck men patients go to Japan for medical examination, go to Korea cosmetic surgery, go to the Swiss resort is nothing new. Highend medical patients inside Chinese due to the increase in the attention of foreign medical institutions, in order to snatch more patients, they no longer meet the changing input of the referring institution, is planning to the whole medical team to move to China. Last year, the United States major medical institutions have cancer, children’s disease, blood disease and other rigid medical services into China, to attract a large number of patients to. After a taste of the benefits, these medical institutions are considering moving to China to move to China, in order to
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Jordan Flight Shoes Wholesale highend medical market in China through better convenience. In July this year, Guangdong FTA announced the new innovative solutions, the plan for the construction of the Massachusetts General Hospital, the hospital is revealed, within three years, the Chinese great reputation in hospitals in the United States will be for the people of China to provide highend medical service. Like the United States at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, and California hospitals, such as cedars Sinai Medical Center that some Hollywood stars doctor t
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Jordan Big Ups Shoes Wholesale the hospital overseas patients preferred is tyrant in the Middle East, now have become the Chinese people. Referral agencies in Shanghai, the United States and overseas medical director Fan Tailai told the first financial daily discount kids air jordan shoes reporters. Not only at Massachusetts General Hospital, in January this i love cheap jordans wholesale year, the world’s top i like lebron james 2014 medical group the Mayo Medical Group clinic announced and Hillhouse capital in China set up a joint venture company benefits every medical management Co., Ltd. officially landed in China, China’s super rich Pinglun, Pandanyi [microblogging], even the prince of Saudi Arabia is Mayo’s customers. Chinese market discount lebron james website for these medical institutions overseas how important? Whether Mayo or at Massachusetts General Hospital, to build a hospital in the United States, China is first station. We see a doctor here in China, most of them have relatives and friends in the United States, in their assistance to come over to see a doctor, but also some of the referral agencies through the chinese. The United States Department of international medical center of cedars Sinai China executive Pan Ruming told reporters. i like air jordan shoes men Pan Ruming once in the United States engaged in medical related business for ten years, this year, she and another body in China colleagues together, in the hospital this year the newly established China’s affairs, responsible for work to expand the Chinese market. A few months ago, Pan Ruming has received a 20 year old Chinese girl went to the United States for brain tumor surgery, as treatment was successfully completed, the girl spent a total of $16 million, including surgical admission fee of $10 million, outpatient treatment check entry spent $6 million, this is one of the most need in to the United States before onetime payment is completed. amp; in fact, in order to meet the growing Chinese patients is not only cedars Sinai, including the Mayo, Massachusetts General Hospital, etc. have set up specifically for the Chinese market service department. Our first step is to cooperate with the domestic top three hospitals, foreign hospitals, so that these hospitals to understand the foreign technology, to share more highend medical resources, followed by the company with the referral company

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