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introduction: a sorry I only have 1% life in the circle of friends brush screen

introduction: a sorry I only have 1% life in the circle of friends brush screen. Nowadays, the seemingly more welcome chicken and feelings packaging soft, welcome more true to life’s personal promotion. The path of Internet marketing seems to have quietly changed, this is reflected in the 1% and 99% behind the logic of fighting.Href= any age has a young man and an adult, which is not defined by the physiological age, but more is the mental division. p in every age, the young man may and today our circle of friends crazy turn Annie Yu Jiawen Ma Jiajia similar, filled with blood, two ribs don’t knife, the number of heroes, see today. p every age adults, may also and today our circle of friends crazy pass Miss Dong Ding, as world is Dong Ming, understanding of worldly wisdom, Deng extremely Ling, the list of all small mountain. so, every time there is no lack of blood and high cold adults and the collision and collision. only, the times are different, the scope and way of confrontatio
Mens Scotty Pippin Shoes White Redn. In the past times, most of the confrontation occurred in business outside the political, military and academic areas. However, in today’s times are different, the battle occurs mostly in the field of business, such as Ma Jiajia critique of traditional female marketing Yujia Wen president handed speech; charge of Niko teenagers not to be bullied; Anne affliction Hollywood lonely hero comic public relations. Path of teenagers are quite similar, mostly he set out for 1% of the snow white, and others are 99% of the wicked Pharaoh and queen abuse me a thousand times, I dream, such as love. In essence, is through the enemies and conflict to locate and express themselves. p why category of today is different from the past. It is simple, because of the change of the overall situation, before the head must rely on reading an officer, and now has become the. Peace and market economy has given us more than reading, is the official route choice. Perhaps the youth of the tail is still keen to test the civil service into the stateowned enterprises, but after not happy, they are more keen on adventure and fun venture. p but these categories, although different, logic is the same political confrontation in the past, and now the era of commercial battle, essentially are leveraging the dramatic conflict, complete self hormone release. But, the direction of the release of the hormone is not the same, some people pursue the pursuit of Kaiser, some people pursue god. p Logic although consistent, but confrontation has a completely different past times with pen and ink, with the help of direct physical conflict; and now, with the help of is two does not meet the Internet that is, 1% and 99% Sisha behind the story starting point. I think, why is there such a kill of each era of confrontation and fighting,

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