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Introduction: before the start

Introduction: before the start, highland work in twentyfirst Century economic report for many years, a veteran reporter for automobile. Later moved to the Internet, as Tencent auto channel associate editor, phoenix new media, news network CEO Auto Center Director and other staff. users always want to know baby carts network expert car leaving a few hands who on earth, this is not only because the car to stay a few hands spicy car evaluation target, but also with the nature of good work related to public opinion monitoring work, she was responsible for a famous automotive brand public relations, on the line less than a year carts network has been in the range of key monitoring in. 5 month 8 days, NetEase technology of exclusive, which specializes in automotive industry present situation of information asymmetry to subvert the carts network has obtained Sequoia Capital Investment, $5000000 estimate, according to the regulations, the valuation of the company has 150000000 yuan. Yesterday, the day of our UV reached 810000, the user continues to grow in the. The ox cart network founder hy lady told NetEase technology. Always tell the truth, insist to stand at the user end oxcarts network’s purpose. In 2013 June the online oxcart network, have constructed a thousand know a car expert as the main body of the automotive community. In accordance with the highland lady’s understanding, as the main vehicle of Internet has extreme homogenization in content, and both easy to network or the car home, in fact is to serve the automobile manufacturers and auto dealers for the purpose, before the cart network in the establishment of a web site, not standing in the purchase a car car consumers end, no auto web site reject honorarium, highland said: our model and traditional BBS is different, their operations that Webmaster Center, the moderator role is an organizer, and not understand the person of the car, the cart network operators to understand car cattle man as the center, focused on giving consumers purchase a car car views, and strive to build a car the first opinion platform. on the use of funds financing problems, hy answer will continue to expand product technical team, the existing PC end reviews, Q amp; a product of the integration of personalized recommendation and aggregation of data for further comb, perfect the system of personal homepage homepage construction and car, more importantly, strive to build the product of the two APP, one is already on the line Q amp; a car car products based on APP community help; another is the car dating based on APP. Two APP imagination space is very large, there are at least tens of millions of user space, we want to do is a comprehensive auto scene, from car networking to interactive community, as long as with the auto related, can help the automobile consumer, is our starting point. Ms. hy aspiring said. before the start, Hailan has car group Iron Maiden, work in twentyfirst Century economic report for many years, a senior reporter wrote car, car say column. Later moved to the Internet, once served as deputy editor Tencent auto channel, phoenix new media, news network CEO Auto Center Director and other staff. at the beginning of 2013, highland won Xianfeng Hua

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