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introduction: discarded electronic products

introduction: discarded electronic products, has always been the best representative body with two sides of. On the one hand is considered on the other hand, it is considered to be the source of pollution.Href= waste electronic products, has always been the best representative of the body with two sides. On the one hand is considered to be whole body is a treasure, in recycled or secondary circulation, can produce greater value; on the other hand is regarded as the source of pollution, on the environment and human health have great influence. With the dual attributes of waste electronic products, has to be clean up point. previously, the electronic product recycling waste electrical and electronic product management regulations passed in August 20, 2008, and from January 1, 2011 onwards. But realistically speaking, there is no real solution to the problem of waste electronic products from the source. And at a recent meeting, the Ministry of the issue again on the table. With the increase in the number of abandoned electronic products,
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Black Light Green environmental protection and the outstanding problems of the overall economic environment, the downward pressure increases, waste electronic products must be properly handled as soon as possible. After a period of development, recycling of waste electronic products will become what? waste products and people leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, love and hate whether it is home appliances, or to href= as a representative of the digital products, has become an indispensable commodity of mass life. With the increase in the level of consumption, the price of electronic products is reduced, and the speed of updating is increasing. Thus, the resulting waste electronic products are in a flood trend. According to the latest data show that last year, the world’s 41800000 tons of electronic waste, refresh history. Among them, USA topped 7000000 tons, with about 6000000 tons of second China. good on the one hand, waste electronic products is fully deserve Only in the electronic waste generated last year, will be able to extract 300 tons of gold, equivalent to 11% of global gold production in 2013. If the technology can reach a certain level of recycling, the recycling industry in a certain scale, will be completely waste electronic products waste to treasure. Unfortunately, the entire recycling industry is still in the extensive management stage, far can not meet market demand. is not a good side, the waste of electronic products to the environment and human health are a great threat, and even lead to the issue of illegal. UNEP warned in a report released recently, developing countries are the global electronic waste illegally dumped on the main site, global about six to nine percent of electronic waste in the developing world piling up or through illegal

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