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Introduction: Guevara won the C round of financing is 200000000 yuan

Introduction: Guevara won the C round of financing is 200000000 yuan, in the whole C round of financing total close to 400000000 yuan. The first half of this year the volume of transactions has been 600000000 yuan, the end of the year is expected to exceed 1500000000 yuan. After following last year’s Guevara life network announced in October to obtain financing CDH investment led $20000000 this year, once again won the C round of financing is 200000000 yuan. Leading the cast party is not long ago a stake in IMAX Chinese Chinese cultural industry fund. The hina group as the financial consultant. In the C round, Guevara raised a total of nearly 400000000 RMB financing. Prior to , the business was once described in the: according to the introduction, Guevara is currently online selected theater more than 1000, the business has expanded to nearly 200 city; 2014 has been selling productions 460. As of June this year, Guevara in 2014 trading volume has exceeded 600000000 yuan, to the goal for the year 1500000000 yuan. large, or small and beautiful? Is to move closer toward a system power BAT, or continue to live in the city entertainment plate in the bigger and deeper? In the priority development strategy, is towards the film industry development in depth, or movies, performances and sports do many things at once. This a series of problems, in front of Guevara founder Liu Yong. according to Liu Yong said, Guevara is now complete all ticket bunker to cover the city, more than 1000 theaters its cooperation covers nearly 70% of the country’s box office market. In addition the network has said, in 2013 20% at the box office China through online sales, and Yu Dong of president of Bona film is expected this year, this figure will reach 40%. in the face of such a national territory, Liu Yong adhere to the implementation of national distribution, from a second tier city to three or four line city, continue to attract quality cinema, ability to improve its national service users. They are expected to subversion from cinemas, production, distribution, and then to promote this traditional film industry chain. now Guevara not only pays attention to the transaction and the tickets from the shadows, before the user guide view neutral rating system, the film’s special effects Department search, traffic reminding view shadow boy partners, to provide the added value Theater popcorn package, custom ticket paper, until the end of a number of links to view shadow etc. continuous efforts, in improving the user experience on. in the face of the many online market seat selection and group purchase website, Liu Yong is not worried about the competition, oneself is the real competitors, only afraid that one day the team cannot follow the user steps; cannot achieve self subversion and nirvana there. As for the group purchase, the scale and quantity of them still more impressive, Guevara deserves respect, but not a compared objects. The products and services provided by Guevara, and the group purchase can provide is the two aspects of the. In Liu Yong’s view, should understand the dual attributes of the film itself, both the commodity attribute and cultural attribute. The audience will not be because of this film is very cheap and walked into the cinema, but because

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