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Introduction: In December 29th 2011

Introduction: In December 29th 2011, the world’s leading network equipment and solutions provider DLink network DLink, held in Beijing mydlink my cloud DLink cloud series products conference. On the meeting, DLink for the global released new cloud family product image spokesperson cloud boy and cloud family product identification DCloud LOGO, and the grand launch of the mydlink cloud service platform based on the three series of cloud. is a platform leading network equipment cloud trend As a leading global network equipment and solutions provider DLink network DLink, DLink has been paying attention to the development trend of cloud computing continuous innovation, research and development of new products. To build mydlink is the industry leading, open, trusted cloud services platform, with the DLink cloud monitoring, cloud storage, cloud road by the cloud family product innovation born, infuse the new vigor to the traditional network market, for the family of digital life has opened up a new application. mydlink cloud services platform can provide three large convenience for consumers: 1, wireless Internet: propagation rate faster Internet speed, more stable; 2, remote management: terminal equipment interconnection, information transfer; 3, wireless backup storage: storage space is more and more high security. And based on mydlink cloud computing platform three series of cloud products, make the DLink cloud not only remain at the conceptual level, but to allow consumers to truly experience the cloud products, free to enjoy the new generation digital network life walk the clouds convenience. families wisdom enjoy cloud network new life DLink China area president Mr. Chen Qiyan said at a news conference, 2012 will be the year DLink family cloud. The user need only through the cloud products terminal information and need to deal with the data of individuals as a cloud, fast access to the Internet the information pipeline, uploaded to the business of cloud services operators, so that everyone no matter where I go, as long as you can access the network, can conveniently enjoy the DLink cloud service, intelligence the new life to enjoy a romantic and comfortable. DLink Product Manager Wang Yi, is also a cloud boy version of reality spokesmen for the participants described in detail the three series of products: cloud cloud storage, cloud cloud monitoring, routing, and the characteristics of the three series of products. cloud monitoring products including DCS930L, DCS932L, DCS940L and DCS942L four wireless network camera, the user through the log on mydlink platform, which can break the time and geographical constraints, anytime to view the home situation of old people, children, pets,

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