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is a violation of the 2015 countries &quot

Last month, the name of Shenzhen, eliminate involving the friction of electrical accidents, successfully protected the fair competition of the motor vehicle traffic and vehicle operation, "Jin Mo brownouts" to carry out actions, caused great controversy. This is not the first case, the
Air Jordan Shoes Women motorcycle limit friction action by the end of May 2014th, a total of 178 city has taken a buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online variety of ways, including "no limit" measures, accounting for 8% of the total. Among them, 140 cities, accounting for
Penny Hardaway Shoes 40% of the city. It must be pointed out that Chinese is the only country in the world. The local government of a motorcycle, electric vehicle ban, an idea and practice is low energy management policy, in violation of national laws (relative to the national legislation of local law is law), is a violation of the 2015 countries "legislation law". Simply banning, restriction, limit eighteen major countries for management, motorcycles, electric cars and other requirements in the modernization of governance requirements is draw further apart. I as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, has put forward suggestions to the relevant departments of the state, the direct intervention of the relevant departments, to cancel the restrictions. The relevant departments of the state, including the Ministry of public security approval, to prohibit restrictions, unreasonable, but also pointed out that this is the
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Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304019iction of the local government intervened. Why not limit friction is i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes low and bad? The nature of friction is not worth it. Like the occasional crash, the government prohibits air traffic, and sometimes there will be a traffic accident, the government announced that vehicles are not allowed to travel, buy air max shoes online or because once there is a mad cow disease, the government banned beef. Motorcycle or electric vehicle as an integral part of the traffic system, does not need to be subdivided management, only to prohibit or limit, resulting in the following three points of adverse consequences. Prohibit the increase in transportation costs, urban traffic congestion. Japanese and European studies show that the proportion of urban road motorcycles (including electric motorcycles) with cars is i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes 10% and 90% is the most effective mode of urban transport. And the practice of Shenzhen, will inevitably lead to these in order to quickly reach the destination, do not want to ride the public transportation to the residents, will in the light and fast motorcycle, electric vehicle restrictions and prohibitions, instead of driving a car. And this has a great impact on the courier industry, if you want to maintain the speed and quality of delivery, you can only choose to use the four round of vehicle delivery and delivery, which will greatly enhance the cost of express delivery market. Prohibit the development of motorcycle industry a direct blow to the development of China’s motorcycle industry. China’s motorcycle industry is completely in the development of marketization and industrialization in the market, the development of this industry by the man-made obstacles. Due to many big cities is a motorcycle, to limit friction, let hatred of the motorcycle industry, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online also make sharp tightening of the motorcycle market in urban China, from 2008 30 million peak annual output for the 2015, with an annual average i like air max shoes decrease of 8%. Because the domestic market can not upgrade, export capacity is also shrinking. The motorcycle industry China soon behind India! At present, most of the motorcycle can only sold in rural areas, but due to the spending power of the rural areas is relatively low, so most of the motorcycle sales is the low end of the car, vicious competition in the low-end car, motorcycle industry power shortage. The assembly line and the high-end motorcycle is Thailand

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