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is currently the most popular interactive platform than microblogging

is currently the most popular interactive platform than microblogging, microblogging hot, people living in the Internet every day to provide a new social model. Microblogging is also due to its good interactivity and simplicity of operation to attract a large number of users gathered. In the face of such a huge traffic, many webmaster in the promotion of the site also began to pay more attention, we pay more attention to marketing methods, if you think about it, the use of microblogging to enhance the flow of the site. nonsense not to say, the author Chou Zijun today to share with you some of the use of microblogging to enhance the flow of the site: 1, pinpoint positioning first of all to give the site and the direction of personal promotion, for example, the site is to do import wine sales, the use of micro blog promotion, do not write some of the text, which is said to be professional, promotion if not professional, then give people the credibility and attention will be discounted, the quality of the traffic will not be very high. 2, pay attention to meth
Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3 Blue Gray Whiteod I believe that many people in the promotion of the blog may have used blog group similar software, and now there are micro blog group software, but the use of software release has a certain risk and disadvantages, and the effect is not good. it is recommended that you do not use the software to publish information on the Internet, in the intelligent network world, it will eventually be eliminated, it is a matter of morning and evening. So it’s really important to pay attention to methods. in the era of the Internet information opening, now the major sites are using API interface and other ways to implement the information exchange, the micro Bo is no exception. Now has the micro Bo Tong, FOLLOW5 and other microblogging service website, you can bundle dozens of wellknown micro Bo, so only need to open the microblogging service website microblogging function, after only the site to write microblogging, dozens of other microblogging site synchronization update, which saves the trouble between the dozens of sites back and forth between the. This is only the first step in the use of micro bo. the second step, we aim is to promote their own websites, so if you can directly to the site of their own information to the site through a way to the micro blog service, and then through the microblogging service site to other dozens of micro blog, so that more clever. In fact this feature for people who understand the technology is very easy, just in their own website bundled with a micro blog synchronization plugin, with such a plugin, later in their own web site update any content will be synchronized to the other dozens of micro blog, and comes with the source site, which reached the purpose of promoting our website. other methods: A; the popular topic of hot topics is the popular topic of sina Weibo.

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