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Japan travelogue two ; second to ride a raft ride the wind and cleave the waves through the Seto sea

Japan travelogue two ; second to ride a raft ride the wind and cleave the waves through the Seto sea, Osaka to p from the full day palace, the bus to we have to pull in Fukuoka Prefecture new Moji port noble ocean Ferry noble Ocean once leak? aboard the city line round to Osaka. Originally, from Fukuoka to
Osaka can have a variety of options, for example, fly, take the Shinkansen, or night bus etc. and if from economy and comfort of considering undoubtedly boat the Seto Inland Sea to Osaka scheme is a travel companies and tourist can be E-CIG CHINA accepted. Standing on the point of the travel company, the ship is cheap and save a night of hotel accommodation, the most costeffective; and tourists, on the one hand, the ship’s activities, facilities, more comfortable and Disposable e cigarette free, and smoking is relatively convenient, for smokers, no doubt more attractive. From Fukuoka via the Seto Inland Sea to Osaka about 320 kilometers, ship line of Hot E Cig kits more than 10 hours, evening to morning, in ship sleep, the next morning arrived in Osaka, does not affect the in Osaka journey the next day. Therefore, this
should be a winwin solution. facts prove that this is a right choice. a boat, live in a class, each cabin has two levels, four people live. From the boat to the hotel after the hotel, you can feel, the Japanese consider the problem is really thoughtful and humane, only you can not think of, no Japanese can not do. Whether live E-CIGARETTE CHINA in a boat or a hotel, although the
room size is generally small, but in a limited space, the same number of facilities, the use is very convenient. You will feel that you are in the process Mechanical Mod and RDA of living and using the process:
Japan is really a focus on the details of the country. Details determine success or failure, therefore, the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA success of the Japanese is not accidental. settled in their rooms, on the dining room. p dinner buffet, meat thin stem, fruits and vegetables, rice grains, milk coffee available, whichever you want. In addition to beer, liquor is also required to pay. p Jiuhua bought three bottles of sake, IMHO, although Jiuhua spent the money, but Japanese sake taste really is difficult to call a compliment, especially for we used to drink the China Brewing of liquor, the sake simply makes people hard into the throat, I really want to ask a sentence: the wine is wine later in the vending machine to buy beer, the foam, the taste, the taste, really can not say. which, by the way a sentence, in Japan, due to the population structure, high labor costs. Therefore, in Japan, everywhere you can see vending machine Japanese beer
because of good quality and strict brewing process, between Japanese beer taste between ordinary Chinese beer and German beer, than the Chinese beer taste heavy but not German beer so bitter, really is draft Gan such as Yee, seeking is not available, then you, know what is called ooze lung spleen. however, a penny a point goods, beer taste good, the price is not cheap. A glass of

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