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Label: health reform pilot three years

Label: health reform pilot three years, focus on one word: i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes base. Basic medical system, basic epidemic prevention system, basic security system, the basic drug system and so on have been established in the exploration. That is to say, three years of pilot to lay a foundation, how to
Cheap Derrick Rose III Shoes Men From China make it perfect and make it sustainable healthy growth on the see health care reform the doctor’s ability. In view of the experience and lessons learned in three years of reform, I can not help but think of the success of the operation of the patient died of this sentence. This sentence is not entangled with the recent online trick, but seriously think about why the operation was successful, the patient died. Today, the province’s health work conference, I made a few micro blog, talking about health care reform is facing new problems and the attendant thinking. 1. Two days ago when it comes to people’s survey article some administrative villages and even shell health room station, people go fishing net Danxizhiwei. Today, I would like to know another question: the cost of primary health care institutions, that is, the county and the county level below the outpatient and hospital costs were down? How to calculate the average cost? Is the total cost divided by the total number of visits? There is also a buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online question: whether the absolute valu
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes MDR3S05e of the per capita at their own expense decreased? 2, after 30 minutes of the net, brief summary is as follows: community health service stations to establish the intention is to facilitate patients, patients with present conditions of city town believe large hospitals, so as a reason for the decline in primary health care costs: lack of service, patient transfer. Therefore, new problems and new thoughts on reform faces: if people do not buy what we do and what is the meaning of it! If there is no patient community health service stations and the buy air max shoes online existence of the meaning of it? Please continue. 3, yes, there are many grassroots
Cheap Dwyane Wade Shoes From China cunning work skills to have the patient. Now there is a problem also exists: due to lack of compensation, and some grassroots medical institutions to push patients. Do you have there? @ small Deng: have experience of community doctors at the hospital level, it is not a general difference. 4, the province’s health work conference held today, the grassroots level of the news confirmed the decline in the cost of judgment, but also confirmed that health care reform did not i like air max shoes reach the original intention: to retain the patient to retain the doctor. They generally believe that is the guide. buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online At present: 1, Guangdong poor areas of public health personnel per capita monthly salary of 2500; 3000 of the monthly salary of the medical staff can i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes not stay. 2, the hospital is bustling, desire for expansion. 3, reasonable and compensation measures of incentive mechanism is still in the
Cheap Derrick Rose Shoes Men From China womb. Above four micro Bo caused everyone’s warm discussion. The operation was successful, the patient died extended to the health care reform of some tasks do not have a sense of humor. To drugs to support medical obnoxious to everyone, said public enemy and malignant tumor, namely the corrupt social atmosphere, but also to poison the people’s soul. At present, this tumor positive sword cut off. It is a systematic and complex operation, if postoperative nursing, and maintain life, nutrition can not keep on, the operation is a success, the patient dies; or the operation is a success, chemotherapy can not keep up, the transfer of clustered lesions, new tumor and long out, patient unbearable weight or to make ends meet, false to days also died. Of course, there is a case, the operation was successful, but the cost of survival is far,

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